Behind the Blog: Get to Know the Creators

Okay, well, we almost are equal, considering we're identical and all (trust us, our parents even get us mixed up, most often on the phone). In spirit of our 22nd birthday weekend (our b-day was Friday, woop woop!), we decided that it'd be fun to share our differences. Especially since we write a little similar and have some of the same jokes -- sometimes it probably seems as though we're the same person. We're not. We promise, there's actually two of us. And this is Becca writing just to be more specific :)

So without further wait. Here's the super-duper list of things that you might not know about us.

Studying in College
Krista: Biology (ironically, genetics)
Becca: English and Mass Media Arts -- the fancy way to say television production!

Color Identification (parents will put identical twins into one color from about 1 until 7, so they don't mix us up. And since we can't talk, we obviously did not have a say in the color we were identified with.)
Krista: Pink -- the girly color. I lucked out on this one!
Becca: Blue -- naturally, I hated pink. No, just joking. I did hate pink, but not because Krista wore it...I think.

Actual Favorite Color (if only our parents knew back then, tsk tsk)
Krista: Red (Ketchup!)
Becca: Yellow (Mustard!)

Favorite YA Book Genre
Krista: Dystopian -- it involves science-y elements, plus I love futuristic worlds (even the depressing kind).
Becca: Toss up between vampires and science fiction -- not post-apocalyptic! I'll leave those to Krista ;)

First Time a Part (for a solid month!)
Krista: Spent my days at summer school, studying Ochem -- not recommended for any aspiring doctors. It's a depressing way to spend the sunshine days. (very jealous of Becca's summer)
Becca: Went on a Road Trip around the US with my brother and camped out for 21 days!

Something We Like But the Other Doesn't
Krista: Dissecting mice -- for research! In the name of science. I'm not weird. Promise.
Becca: Comics -- really anything X-Men inspired. I'm a Marvel junkie.

If you met us for a quick second, you'd notice...
Krista: That Becca has a freckle on her chin, making it the true identifier between us.
Becca: I also have a lower voice than Krista, just a bit, but apparently our parents still haven't caught on to that!

If you met us for a longer period of time, you'd notice...
Krista: Becca acts like she's on caffeine all of the time. And she doesn't drink caffeine or Diet Coke or soda.
Becca: And the one thing Krista can't go without is *drumroll* Diet Coke! But she's what our friends call laid-back, subdued and she'll deadpan words that shouldn't be deadpanned, making most things she says, hil-arious.

Strange Abilities
Krista: I don't really have one, and I'm proud of that. So there.
Becca: I'm double jointed in my fingers, my wrists, my arms, and my ankles. Very strange, indeed!

What we've been up to most recently
Krista: Working on a presentation for research so I can present to the entire University. Scary! And not as fun as what Becca has been up to. *jealous face*
Becca: Attended The Vampire Diaries EyeCon Convention as press for The CW Atlanta, and I was fortunate enough to have the oppertunity to interview these actors: Nathaniel Buzolic (Kol), Steven R. McQueen (Jeremy), Todd Williams (The Hunter), and Trent Ford (Trevor, How to Deal). And then, when I took pictures with Steven at the end, he picked me up! I nearly died. I even have some pictures for proof!

Photo from Danielle Boise 

So that's it! We hope that you have a little idea for who we are now since we both run the blog. Krista posts a bit more frequently than me, but I have slowly become more involved by participating in Tour Stops. Tomorrow, we're doing an ARC giveaway for Rise and then Tuesday, be sure to visit to see my review of Stung and a lovely interview with Bethany Wiggins. She explains some things that the critics (negative reviews) have been having qualms with. 

See you then! 


  1. Oh, I love this post! I think what's really funny is that if you put both of your personalities and interests together, you'd have me! haha :)

    BECCA. OMG. STEVEN PICKED YOU UP. HIS HANDS TOUCHED YOU. OMG. SO JELLY. When I watched the Vampire Diaries he was my favorite character/actor. SWOON. Why did he pick you up? Was it just random or is there a story to tell? Hmmm? Details!

    Krista - what's your presentation on? Also, deadpanning? I love deadpanning! Sometimes I can pull it off, but only when I don't mean to.

    I think if I ever meet you girls... actually, I'm not sure how I'd react! I'd probably laugh and smile a lot and act star struck. I'm thinking we should plan to attend a future BEA together. With Becca's awesome TV/Movie skills, Krista's ingenuity and book blogging experience, and my ability to fit as much as possible into any time frame, we'd be the coolest people there. Yes, I said it.

    1. There is a story to the Steven R. McQueen bit! After I interviewed him (and tried to keep my cool, I was doing a good job by then), we were taking pictures. And then I saw his hands go towards my legs (I believe he was trying to rattle me, and it worked!), and I freaked out as he lifted me up. I was screaming in my mind, pretty much dying inside with shock. This was also the first time I've ever even seen a celebrity! I couldn't stop grinning like a fool. Couldn't even look at him afterwards. I was star-struck to the max. And his mom was there! That other guy is his little brother. So embarrassing, but very memorable.

      I feel the same way about meeting you!! But yes, we should TOTALLY plan a future BEA together. I couldn't think of someone I'd rather go with :)

    2. Oh my goodness, that is such a frame worthy photo. Do you have a link for the interview you did for this event? It looks like it was recorded in the images you posted... I'd love to see it! :)

  2. This is a great post, ladies! It really helps to get a feel for your different personalities :)

  3. It also seems Becca is the dominant one, as Krista kept talking about her, while Becca focused on herself. Also, genetics? You should not have said that. That's my favorite subject, and has been since sixth grade, so I'll do my best not to bombard you with questions:)

  4. Oh, this was so much fun! I'm also doing something with biology and I have had genetics a while ago :) Thanks for sharing :D