Books into Movies: 'Divergent' Casts Will, Edward, Al--and Filming Begins!

More casting has officially hit the web! Will, Edward and Al (Dauntless initiates) have been added to the lineup. Now that Tris and Four are cast, filming will now be underway. Continue reading for more details!


Will (Former Erudite)

Ben Lloyd-Hughes will play the Dauntless initiate who has a thing for Christina. He's a British actor who has been in a variety of UK works, but not much in the US. Even though he's twenty-five, he really looks older. But I think since they are definitely catsing this like a twenty-something age range then a teen movie--it works. 

 Al (Former Candor)

Christian Madsen will play Al. He's probably one of the most complex characters, struggling to do the Dauntless initiation since it's basically beating the crap out of people. Madsen doesn't have many big name credits, but he looks how I pictured Al. 

Edward (Former Erudite)

Ben Lamb will play Edward. The least credited actor of the three, and the role I can't quite remember. Who is Edward? It's been a while since I read Divergent...oops! Maybe you Divergent fans could remind me down in the comments below!

The Rest of the Cast:

Theo James as Four
Shailene Woodley as Tris
Jai Courtney as Eric
Miles Teller as Peter
Maggie Q as Tori
Ansel Englort as Caleb
Zoe Kravitz as Christina
Kate Winslet as Jeannine Matthews


Since the movie releases next spring, filming has officially started, courtesy of a Miles Teller tweet!


Like the casting news thus far? Excited about filming? Do you think this has potential to succeed or be another flop like Beautiful Creatures? Sound off below!


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  2. I'm think Edward was the one that Peter stabbed in the eye. I'm not 100% sure, though. It's been a while since I read Divergent, too. But so far, the casting is pretty good.