Books into TV: 'The Selection' Adds Another Prince and Casts the King & Queen

The leads have been cast already, but now filling out the ensemble are Queen Amberly, King Clarkson, and a surprising addition that diverges from the book. That's right--Maxon has a brother! Continue reading for more details!


We'll start with the most shocking news! According to Deadline, there will be another prince in the royal palace. Ben Aldridge will play Prince Rafe Shreave, Maxon's brother. He's described as "the younger brother of Prince Maxon (Michael Malarkey) who loves his country and takes his leadership role seriously — but he does have a secret."

Sounds interesting! This could be a good thing or a bad direction depending on the overall execution of the show. Die-hard fans might not be too pleased by the change, especially since it seems like Rafe has Maxon's personality in the books.

Remember, this TV Prince Maxon will be an arrogant character. Nothing like the book. But Rafe is too young to go into the Selection this time around. I wonder if the writers chose to add him for possibly a second Selection in the future?

The King & Queen have also been cast. Anthony HeadBuffy-alum and the King from BCC's Merlin has been cast as King Clarkson. This is the first casting choice that has been from an established actor, and it might be my favorite!

Queen Amberly will be played by Louise Lombard, who's most notable role is in CSI.  Again, like this casting a lot. Though I wonder if this character will get a change up in personality. In the books she's actually quite nice, but evil Queens are usually what TV gives us.

And if you think that Kiera Cass has influence in the TV pilot, then think again. She took to twitter to explain:

So the change-ups are definitely not her idea. Another surprise (besides the personality changes and character additions) is the fact that they scaled up the ages quite a bit. It looks like they're going for an older brand rather than marketing towards teenagers. Hey, it may just work! Or...this could never make it to prime time.

Here's who's been cast so far:

America Singer - Yael Grobglas
Prince Maxon - Michael Malarkey
Aspen - Lucien Laviscount
Celeste - Celia Massingham
Sylvan Santos - Sean Patrick Thomas
Gaia - Peta Sergeant


Liking the changes? What do you think of Maxon's brother?  Like the casting so far? Sound off below!


  1. I have a good feeling about this plot round. I think the first try didn't work because it stuck to the book too much. These change ups are fantastic and I absolutely love Anthony for King, both Merlin and The Selection. I'm a lot more excited about this second attempt than the first :)

  2. I think that from a tv show standpoint, The Selection could be good. From a book to movie adaption - obviously not. There's so many changes and differences; I can't keep track! However I totally welcome Giles to the fold :D

  3. Anthony Head?! AH. I'm pretty excited. And I kind of like all of the changes, it'll make the show much more interesting than if they'd stuck to the books plot!