Books into TV: 'The Selection' Finds Its Aspen

All the leads are now cast! With the final addition of Aspen, the second male lead in the love triangle, the casting is now rounding out. A huge change on the ethnicity of the character from book to TV. Continue reading for more details!

According to Deadline, Aspen will be played by Lucien Laviscount. He's a British actor most notable for series across the seas, and even had a role on one of my favorite British shows, Skins. The biggest shock has to come with the ethnicity of the character being changed up. It's most surprising since Hollywood tends to white-wash the lead cast not the other way around.

In the first pilot version Aspen was cast as William Moseley, also a British actor. Personally, I pictured Aspen more like Moseley, but I do think that this is an interesting change-up that could potentially work. It shows how much they're really trying to change the book to TV. Prince Maxon's character also recieved a change, only mostly in his personality--turning from a humble character to an arrogant one. This might be a huge indication about plot changes as well!

"Laviscount will play Aspen Leger, a handsome/brave young man from the servant class who is having a secret, illegal relationship with America." 

Here's who's been cast so far:

America Singer - Yael Grobglas
Prince Maxon - Michael Malarkey 
Celeste - Celia Massingham
Sylvan Santos - Sean Patrick Thomas
Gaia - Peta Sergeant


Is this how you pictured Celeste? Like the casting so far? Glad they're choosing unknowns? Sound off below!

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  1. From the blurb I'm guessing they're getting rid of the America/Aspen pre-selection relationship. Which... doesn't make much sense, but if they're changing absolutely everything maybe it'll work. At any rate, this guy is super hot, and I am so ok with that.