Books into TV: 'The Selection' Casts Its Celeste

Both America and Prince Maxon have already been cast with Yael Grobglas and Michael Malarkey. The villain of the books will now be joining them! Continue Reading to find out who will be playing mean girl, Celeste! 

According to DeadlineCelia Massingham will be playing the ultimate mean girl. Along with the two leads, she is a newcomer to the small screen. I'm fairly surprised at all the unknowns being cast in the adapation, but I'm loving it!

Also, Celia Massingham slightly resembles Leighton Meester, the ultimate mean girl who played Blair Waldorf on Gossip Girl. So I wonder if the casting is intentional to kind of make her look a little like Blair. Just speculating though!

Celeste is my favorite girl-you-love-to-hate in YA. And I've often compared her to Courtney from The Bachelor. And oddly enough, Massingham kind of looks like Courtney as well. Maybe all mean girls look the same?! (Except for Regina George).

I'll leave you with my favorite gif of Courtney from The Bachelor. Lets hope the Celeste on the CW will bring this kind of villian-ry.


Is this how you pictured Celeste? Like the casting so far? Glad they're choosing unknowns? Sound off below!

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