Books into TV: 'The Selection' Casts Its Prince Maxon and Changes the Character

 photo ca97364e-8edc-4b3e-907b-f4cd9b902276_zps8edf2d8a.jpg After the news about Yael Grobglas being cast as American Singer, we've all been waiting for the bigger news...Prince Maxon and Aspen. Now, we don't have to wait any longer because Prince Maxon has been cast in the newly updated pilot! Plus, huge hints on his character--which is completely unlike the Prince Maxon we know from the books. Continue reading for details!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Michael Malarkey (Photo Here) will be playing the hunky Prince in this dysotpian adapation. If you're scratching your head, it's probably because he hasn't been on the big (or small) screen very all. His credits include a long list of theatre accolades.

He'll join the cast with fellow newcomer, Yael Grobglas. I am truly LOVING the fact that unknowns are being cast. Fresh faces are always a huge plus. The only problem I have is that Michael Malarkey looks kind of older than I imagined Maxon. But I know they're bumping up the ages to early twenties. So it'll work!

Ethan Peck was Maxon for the older pilot. So they're sticking with the dark-haired type but going for something a little different. I was more comfortable with Peck as Maxon, just because I knew he was a good actor already. But I'm excited for Malarkey at the same time.

Now, here's the shocking news for some die-hard Selection fans. Prince Maxon isn't going to be the sweet, unsure humble guy from the books. Nope. Not even close.

"Malarkey will play Maxon, the charming, self-serving and untrustworthy son of the king and queen who are not pleased with his reckless behavior. He's thrilled to have a group of young women competing for his affections and is intrigued by the feisty labor-class girl America."

That's right, he's basically an asshole. I think I'm going to like this change-up! It sounds like something juicy and awesome and right up the CW's alley. Plus, changes from the original might make it more likely to become a series. Since this is the second time they're filming a pilot, it's a good plan.


Is this how you pictured Maxon? Like the changes for his character? Glad they're choosing unknowns so far? Sound off below!


  1. This guys really cute - so you know. That's good. But I don't like the character personality change up. I'm sure it's the best choice for the series when it comes to a tv show, so I'm not too upset! It's just a bit weird!

  2. I am kind of disappointed with the change! I loved Maxon's character in the book because he was so insecure and modest about himself. He was so different than I expected him to be. I will surely try watching the TV show when it airs just to see if I like it. I probably will (like I do with most CW tv shows!), as long as I think of the book and the show as completely different things. Thanks for posting about the news!

  3. I think they will both suit the characters

  4. I like him better as Maxon! And I guess we'll just have to wait and see the show before I make up my mind on whether I like the changes. I am usually pretty picky about my book-to-movie/show adaptions, but I think that the CW did a really good job with The Vampire Diaries. So, fingers crossed that this will be as awesome. :)

  5. I didn't get all the way through "The Selection", but I feel like I'd like the TV show better. And I like the cast they picked! So, I'm intrigued, that's for sure...

    Sierra @ Yearning to Read

  6. *sniffles* I don't like how they're changing Maxon all-up. He was so sweet and considerate in the books, and now like you said he's going to be an asshole. I can handle plot changes and character descriptions, but these personality swaps are making me less and less excited for the show.