Books into Movies: 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Releases New Teaser Trailer!


Hunger Games: Catching Fire

All right fellow book lovers, feast your eyes on the best thing that came out of the MTV Movie Awards last night. 

I have some comments on this trailer. First off, I'd like to preface that it's been quite awhile since I read Catching Fire, so my brain may be a little bit rusty on the details. Anyway, here's what I thought during the trailer: 

  1. Peeta is looking much hotter this time around. Is he sexier now that he's a proven winner? Or has Josh Hutcherson grown into his blond hair? 
  2. What?! Katniss is crying?! Katniss doesn't cry. Wipe off those tears and grab a bow, bitch. 
  3. *jaw drops* those costumes. Ahem...gorgeous. 
  4. Is this the third book we're seeing? New scenes? There is a lot of revolution stuff going on that I don't remember from book 2. 
  5. Prim! Listen to your big sister. 
  6. A KISS. A KISS. Wait...I do not remember this in the book. In fact, I don't remember a lot of this. 
  7. Whoa! Gale gets whipped? (Time to go reread Catching Fire).
  8. "Their entire species must be eradicted" this just got a little like X-men up in here. 
  9. Wait. That's IT?! Where's Finnick? Where's Johanna? Where's the next HUNGER GAMES?! 
Okay, so overall, this felt a lot like the teaser trailer for the first movie with Katniss running around in the woods. It doesn't show much beyond a certain extent, in this case the victory tour that they take at the beginning of the novel. 

I'm most shocked about how much I don't remember. It's possible that these are new scenes, so if you've read the book recently (or just have a great memory) then take to the comments to set that record straight! Are these new scenes or is this revolution stuff (like Gale getting whipped) in Catching Fire?


Lots of stuff going on in this trailer. What are your thoughts? Bummed that nothing from the Quarter Quell was shown? Sound off below!


  1. It's okay! Don't freak. Gale does kiss Katniss, but in the book it's kind of one sided. And he does get whipped. It's all at the start of the book.

    One thing you didn't notice was that Peeta gets dragged by people back inside when the crowd starts to riot!

    Also, I like not having Finnick in this teaser. Or the Games. Because it's like offering a little teaser (lol), and all we people who read the books are like "HAHAHA JUST WAIT FOR IT." My mum was like, "Seriously, that's the whole movie?" She's not read THG books yet, so I was like *sly smile*.

    But if I hear anyone's gone to see the film and been like "Who's Finnick," murder will happen!

    1. Thanks Hannah! I seriously need to reread this book. I'm too excited for Finnick, but you're so right...the anticipation is probably the best part ;)

      If people think that this is the entire movie, they are in for a real surprise, lol!

  2. So excited! Sad about not having anything until November though. This definitely seems to be a teaser. There is a lot missing. Bummed they didn't showing anything from the Quarter Quell, but I can understand why they didn't. And yeah, time to reread the book.

  3. I can't wait to see this movie! Made my husband watch the trailer too. :P he's like "thats what we're going to see in nov?" I was like "YUP!" He's seen the first movie and liked it & I think he'll enjoy this one too (Now if i could make him break down and read the books but he never has time to read like me). I am looking forward to Nov but dang I wish it wasn't so far away...

  4. I thought Josh looked better too. lol I wasn't sure if it was that I was just used to him as Peeta or what. I don't remember much of the book either. It felt like they were primarily focusing on the beginning of the novel, as to not give away what happens to those who haven't read it. They just teased it a bit. But I desperately wanted to see something from the games! lol Maybe they haven't gotten enough put together since the movie is still really far off. I liked it though!

  5. I am so excited for Catching Fire to come out; I loved The Hunger Games! I also completely agree with you about Josh looking super cute ;) The trailer is pretty awesome, too.