Books into Movies: Updates on The Mortal Instruments, Divergent, Catching Fire, and Many More!

There has been so much Books into Movies news lately, that I have tried to compile everything in one neat post. From trailers to casting to filming, it's all here! Some of the movies we talk about are The Mortal Instruments, Divergent, Catching Fire, Percy Jackson...and many more! Continue reading for the full scoop!


The Mortal Instruments

A second trailer has been posted! First look at Clary's mom, Luke, and Magnus Bane!

Here's what I've gathered from this trailer:
  1. The score is f*ing awesome
  2. Clary's mom is British 
  3. Half the movie will officially be known as Labyrinth 2.0
  4. Alec and Jace have accents from another planet
  5. This movie will be epic 

 Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

An official trailer has now hit the web! New faces join the Percy Jackson team, including a familiar one from another YA adaptation (Glimmer, anyone??)

Here's what I gathered from this trailer:
  1. If you only have one eye in the middle of your forehead, you can hide it with a pair of sunglasses
  2. The cab scene is very reminiscent of Harry Potter
  4. The graphics are hella better than the first movie
  5. This movie could go either way, but looks promising

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

This is actually a teaser trailer for the teaser trailer. Weird, right?! But there are still two screenshots of the movie in it.


Here's what I gathered from this teaser-teaser:
  1. Katniss has black hair
  2. I will be watching the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday!



The last of the cast has been rounded out with Mekhi Phifer set to play Max, the Dauntless Leader, and Ray Stevenson credited to play Four's dad. Both a pretty awesome additions! Kudos for getting someone pretty controlling looking to play Four's father.

Missed the casting news posts for the other characters? If you want the full low down, be sure to visit the Divergent Book into Movie news on Nawanda Files or you can take a quick peek at IMDB.

The Maze Runner

The only lead female in this YA book has been officially cast! You may recognize her from the hit UK series, Skins. Kaya Scodelario will play Teresa. The news was announced by director, Wes Ball, on twitter!

I'm only a little bummed about this news for one reason. I LOVE this actress, and I so wish she would have gotten a lead role for a movie with a female lead (like The Hunger Games) because she's that good. But I'm stoked she got the part, and I hope it opens many more doors for her in the future.

Gally, Alby, and Newt have already been cast with Will Poulter, Aml Ameen, and Thomas Brodie-Sangster playing the respective roles.



Filming has officially started! Yay! And Veronica Roth has flown to Chicago to oversee the shooting. Which is even more awesome. Check out some tweets about where the filming process is at right now!
Veronica Roth's Tumblr

While filming has now started, the movie is slated for March 21st, 2014.


Seeker by Arwen Elys Dayton

This is a 2015 release by Delacorte Press. It sounds like publishers are expecting this to be a big hit, considering it got a nice 6 figure deal, and soon after sold the movie rights. Columbia Pictures bought the rights with Mark Gordon to produce. He has some nice credits, such as Saving Private Ryan, Source Code, and Speed. (He likes titles with the letter "S"). Read the synopsis of the book below. 

SEEKER is the story of Quin Kincaid, a young girl who’s been put through years of brutal training for what she thinks is the noble purpose of becoming a revered “Seeker”. Only when it’s too late does she discover she will be using the ancient artifacts and sacred knowledge to become an assassin. From a remote estate in Scotland, to a bustling, futuristic Hong Kong, Quin tries to escape her legacy, only to find she can’t evade it.

Half Bad by Sally Green

Described as a supernatural contemporary thriller, this is a 2014 release by Penguin. This is another six figure deal and will be the first in a trilogy. Fox 2000 has bought the rights with Karen Rosenfelt producing. She's not a stranger to YA adaptations, having produced Twilight, Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, and The Book Thief

Half Bad is a supernatural thriller set in a modern world inhabited by covert witches, Black and White: factions divided by hatred and united by only one thing-fear of a boy descended from both sides.

All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill

All Our YesterdaysThis is a newer release, coming out this September by Hyperion. A time travel book that has been acquired by Globe Circle Entertainment. 

Marina has everything. She’s got money, popularity, and a bright future. Plus, she’s best friends with the boy next door, who happens to be a gorgeous prodigy from one of America’s most famous families. Em has nothing. Imprisoned in a small white cell in the heart of a secret military base, all she has is the voice of the boy in the cell next door and the list of instructions she finds taped inside the drain.But Marina and Em have one big thing in common: they’re the same person. Now Em must travel back four years in time in order to avert the terrible future from which she’s fled, and there’s only one way to do it. She must kill the person who invented the time machine in the first place: someone from her past. A person she loved. But Marina won’t let them go without a fight.


Lots of news this week! My personal favorite has to be the new trailer for The Mortal Instruments! Who knew Cersei Lannister would make such a good Shadowhunter? What's your favorite piece of books into movies news? Sound off below!


  1. I love you guys for collecting all this stuff! It's awesome to come and hear it in your own words. :D Haha. I do love the trailer for TMI! It looks awesome and I can't wait to see it! Wow. All these options for future books. It kinda makes me a little wary about them though, you know? I dunno...

    I love the casting news too! I don't really know these actors that well but it seems like they'll fit the parts! Sweet!

    And CATCHING FIRE. Yes. I want that teaser so bad. *flails*

    <333 Inky

  2. "Half the movie will officially be known as Labyrinth 2.0"...bahaha. I thought something similar when I first saw it. That trailer and the Percy Jackson trailer were both shown before The Host, and I probably squealed the loudest when I saw Nathan Fillion. :) I just love that guy.

  3. There's a TON of stuff going on in this post, so I shall address them in order:

    1. YAY I love these posts
    2. the actor who plays Jace is mad cute at :59 in the trailer
    3. at 2:17 in the trailer, that's mad awesome
    5. She looks awesome as a brunette
    6. I want a rainbow seahorse
    7. Don't the sharks know Percy is the son of the water god? Come on, keep up sharks.
    10. Actor who plays Percy keeps getting better looking
    11. Katniss does have black hair
    12. She's also shit at faking a smile
    14. LOVE all the casting choices lately for all the movies
    15. Veronica Roth is just happy that her plan to write a best selling novel set in her hometown is now being made into a movie in her hometown so she doesn't have to go far to see famous actors
    16. I don't doubt her! ^
    17. I will read Half Bad by Sally Green just because of her name. If it turns out to be a good read, bonus.
    18. All Our Yesterdays sounds like it could be AMAZING SAUCE as long as they get all the time travel-ology right. Even if it sounds cool and it sounds like it makes sense, that's cool too. I'm really into time travel stuff right now.
    19. Why isn't 2014 yet? So many awesome stuff in 2014.

    Thanks for sharing ladies!

  4. I am so excited for Catching Fire and Divergent to come out!! Thanks for keeping us up to date on all the latest movie news!

  5. You guys are AWESOME at finding all this stuff lol! SO EXCITED FOR ALL OF THESE. My friends didn't want to watch TMI until I shoved the trailer in their face and said I'd drag them kicking and screaming lol. I'm so violent.

  6. OMG you make me laugh. lol Labyrinth 2.0! So much great and exciting news up there. CANNOT WAIT for the Catching Fire trailer!

  7. Love this post! Thanks for all the news and infos