Interview with D.L. Miles, Author of Threads of Chaos

Threads of Chaos
Threads of Chaos
by D.L. Miles
Release Date: April 29th, 2013

"When the fate of one is changed, everything changes. One person changes everything."

Mercy Singer died five months ago, but the doctor’s managed to bring her back. And she was told by her new therapist that it was normal to think there was danger around every corner, and that seeing things was part of the healing process. What Mercy hasn’t told anyone is how vivid her dreams are, how it’s not actually her dying in them, and she also hasn’t mentioned the conversations she’s had with people that vanish.

And when the new boy in town, Tristan Holmes, finds her freaking out in the street, claiming to see a man that isn’t there, she thinks her return to school might have been too soon. Until his sister approaches her, claiming to know what’s going on, and that she wants to help Mercy.

Now numbers keep floating around Mercy’s head, and she knows it’s a countdown to something big. There’s a darkness coming to Balefire Bay High, and she thinks she’s the only one that can stop it.


What inspired you to write Threads of Chaos
I liked the lore around Banshee’s, foretelling death.  I had a little thought, and that thought became a book (after quite a few rewrites!).

Paranormal elements thrive in this book! What drew you to this darker genre? 
I grew up in it.  My childhood was spent watching Buffy or reading horror novels I probably should not have been reading.  I just love the genre, and now when I say that I don’t get the weird looks I used to get.

Who was your favorite character to write?
Definitely the Moirai!  I don’t want to give spoilers, but they were so dramatic and I got to use the line “insolent whelp”.

Did you do any particular research for the book?
I had to do some research on Greek mythology, but that was really it.  The rest I just made up.

Threads of Chaos releases April 29th, 2013! What are you going to do to celebrate?
I’m probably going to narrow down the first day I’ll be offering Threads of Chaos for free on Amazon through my blog/social networks.

Who are your favorite YA authors? 
Cassandra Clare, Linda Joy Singleton, Carrie Jones, C.C. Hunter and Kelley Armstrong to name a few.

Even though Threads of Chaos seems like it will go down a darker path in the paranormal realm, does the book have a romantic element? 
Yup, there is quite a bit of romance in it!  Who doesn’t love sexy paranormal investigators??

If you could describe the book in three words, what would they be?
Love, death, fate.

Since Nawanda Files highlights books into movies news, what is your favorite movie that was adapted from a book?
Can I say City of Bones even though it isn’t out yet?  I’m dying to see it!

Thanks for stopping by! Threads of Chaos sounds like a great read, and it's a new release so anyone who's looking for an original paranormal should check it out! By the way -- I'm also dying for the City of Bones movie :)

About the Author

Devin grew up and currently resides in Southern Ontario.  She cannot leave the house without a book, camera, or notepad (though for some reason the pen is usually forgotten).  More often than not she can be found playing video games or watching way too many television shows.  The inspiration for her stories often come from street names and random thoughts and people watching.

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