Movie Review: Now You See Me

Now You See Me
Release Date: May 31st, 2013
Actors: Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson 
Director: Louis Leterrier
Genre: Crime, Thriller
Rating: PG-13
Current Location: In Theaters 


An FBI agent and an Interpol detective track a team of illusionists who pull off bank heists during their performances and reward their audiences with the money.


Now You See Me was on my list of highly anticipated summer movies. Why? Two words. Jesse. Eisenberg.

Seriously. The bar was set high for this film. Woody Harrelson too? The cast of Zombieland reunited in a magical combination. The premise of Now You See Me rocks. A group of magicians team up to rob a bank and give back to the less fortunate Robin Hood style. So the big question is: Did the film deliver what it promised? Was it action-packed, well-acted and oh-so entertaining? Rotten Tomatoes would try to dissuade you. I believe film critics have had ho-hum reactions. But don't listen to them! Because this is a popcorn eating delight. 

The film opened like Oceans Eleven. We learned our cast of magicians and watched them meet each other in a fun, very cool way. There was Daniel Atlas (Eisenberg) the arrogant, ring leader. Then Merritt McKinney (Harrelson) a hypnotist who provided enough comic wit to make you foolishly grin. The lovely Henley (Isla Fisher) who could rival Atlas for the spotlight. And Jack Wilder (Dave Franco) more of a pick-pocketing thief than an star magician. 

The Four Horsemen team worked so well. Usually, I find Dave Franco a little grating, but this character allowed him to tone back his usual vulgar-self and give us someone more than endearing -- someone I was easily able to root for. The Four Horsemen share screen-time with the cops who are chasing them, led by Mark Ruffalo. I liked the new perspective because it created dramatic tension, but you can't help but cheer for the magicians and wish Ruffalo would slip up. 

Plus, there was one fight scene that will go down in history as my favorite. It was between Franco and Ruffalo and was so creative with many "illusions" involved (even cards!) that my jaw unhinged in awe for the full duration. Love it. 

While the Horsemen are trying to belong to The Eye (an elite group of magicians) by completing these insane tricks publicly, the cops are trying to stop them and they're trying to figure out who's behind The Eye and if there's a fifth Horsemen. You probably won't be able to guess the twist. I didn't. There aren't obvious clues to it. Even though the twist was shocking, I was wowed by other things a lot more. 

The only qualm I have is that there wasn't enough focus on the magicians. Their perspective was lost at times to long scenes with the cops. Secretly, Ruffalo is the lead of the show even though he's barely featured in the trailer compared to the other Four Horsemen. Ruffalo's character -- an anti-magic, hard-ass cop -- is fun to watch but I kept wishing we'd focus back on Harrelson and Eisenberg. Could my love for them be the reason? Possibly. Or maybe I just really, really like magic. 

ROBOT VERDICT: A perfect summer flick that kept my interest from start to finish. Magical, entertaining and an utter delight. I already wish there was a sequel!  


  1. Oh, thank god. I've been looking forward to this film for such a long time, and the critic reviews made me nervous to go see it when it released. BUT, you have convinced me that it is as fantastic as it looks!

    Great movie review :)

    1. I finally watched NYSM, and you were so right, Becca! Such an awesome movie! Loved the Franco / Ruffalo fight scene (so epic), and the twist at the end was brilliant. I think the film critics were a bit too critical - this film rocked.

      I probably would have waited until it came out on DVD if I hadn't of read your review, so thank you for posting it!

  2. I went see this yesterday and I thought it was amazing as well, despite what rotten tomatoes may say :) I didn't leave once throughout the movie because I was literally on the edge of my seat and the ending was just as amazing because I didn't expect it.

  3. I just saw this Saturday and I loved it! It was so interesting to see how they pulled off all the various tricks :)

  4. Ever since I first saw the trailer MONTHS ago, I knew I had to see this so it makes me so happy and excited that you enjoyed it so much!

  5. Good review Becca. Not an amazing film, but still a bit of fun for what it’s worth.

  6. I need to see this movie so badly!!! There's so many awesome actors in this one.

  7. Oh YES! MY FRIENDS ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! Then I heard it was bad. YAY!!!

  8. I wanted to see this so badly! Ugh you're making me want to see it even more!

  9. I want to see this one so bad!! I thought it looked and sounded awesome, because I love magicians. So glad that you liked it, and I can't wait to see it myself!

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