Giveaways + Cover Redesign: Addicted to You (AND) Cover Reveal: Kiss the Sky

We have three big announcements plus a pretty good giveaway at the end of this ;) Read the bullet-points for explanations about the three topics!

1. The cover for Kiss the Sky (which has already been revealed on Aug. 22nd, but we're showing it off here at Nawanda Files today for anyone who's missed it)

2. The newly redesigned cover for Addicted to You.

3. The cover for Hothouse Flower -- a NA standalone novel -- will be revealed on the 26th thanks to YA Bound. I believe you can still sign up to be a part of the reveal!

  • Kiss the Sky is our new standalone New Adult Romance that follows some of our favorite characters from the Addicted series. You don't have to read the Addicted series to read Kiss the Sky, but of course, you'd probably have more background of the characters, especially Connor Cobalt -- who can be enigmatic, pompous but extremely lovable in his own strange way. 
  • We've kept the details about the sequel Addicted for Now's cover pretty hush-hush in the very long process of designing -- but really, we're making sure that we have the best image possible that reflects Loren Hale. Krista and I have realized that the image we're going to use won't fit Addicted to You's cover in any way. So we've asked Hafsah, who did our first cover, to redesign this one. And Krista and I love it! We think the redesign fits better with the premise of the novel, and the tagline is definitely less ambiguous. We haven't updated it on Goodreads yet, and at Amazon, it's still processing, but the cover will show up soon. It should already be changed on Nook and Kobo. 
  • And lastly before we get to the covers, I just want to mention that Hothouse Flower will be released within a couple weeks of Kiss the Sky. And we're so excited to show off this cover. It's probably my favorite of the bunch. These two characters also appear in the Addicted series, but like Kiss the Sky, you do not have to read the other books prior to reading this one. 

So now that you have the reasons why we've done the redesign and a little more detail about our two standalone novels, are you ready for the covers? Continue reading to check them out :)



Do you like the cover redesign? Are you excited for Kiss the Sky and Hothouse Flower? Tell us your thoughts below!

Now to the Giveaway!

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  1. I like both the covers! I liked the old one too though. Connor is quite sexy on that cover!

  2. I can't wait for Hothouse Flower! It's killing me!! I love the covers, both new and old!

  3. I liked both versions and I agree with Jennifer ;-) Connor is H-O-T!!! Reminds me a little of Chase Crawford from season 2-3 of GG :-) Can't wait for his book, girls!

  4. EEEEEEEEEEEEEK I LOVE THE NEW COVER SO MUCH. I really loved the old one, but the new one fits the book, and the other covers so well. I can't wait to read the rest of the series.

  5. So excited to read these new books! Addicted to You was one of my favorites this year! Great characters and emotion!