Our Reaction to the New Divergent Teaser and Trailer!

Yep, yep, yep! It's finally here! The first little clip of the Divergent movie premiered at the VMA's on Sunday and we have our official shots of the movie!! Plus the full trailer :D

Yes, I just GIF'd this post with a GIF from another YA adaptation. Holla! 

Check out the teaser trailer below. It's legit 13 seconds long so...don't be shocked the briefness! Because people, it's brief. Advice: Don't blink. The full trailer will be discussed afterwards.

1. First, I'm going to start off by saying that the only real way to do a commentary on this teaser (because it's so short) is to break it down into GIFs. Then we'll get onto the full trailer, which has some more shots to look at. 


Opening shot --- annnnnd...she looks so much like Hazel from TFiOS and nothing like how I pictured Tris. But we'll go with it. 


dhdyehuhfiwhdygwd...oh sorry, I just saw Kate Winslet and I forgot how to type. She has that kind of power. Favorite casting in the movie? Possibly. Side Note: Bird tattoos = amazing. 


Maggie Q! I'm so glad she made it into the teaser trailer because she's my second favorite casting choice. Also, Dauntless members (or initiates) running around with flashlights actually looks kind of cool...and scary at the same time. 


Four looks pretty badass in this shot and we all see him in what looks like the fear simulator (I can't remember if that's what it's called). 


And now both Tris and Four are badass!! I approve. 


This is probably the most memorable scene, at least for me, from the book. Not the waving of that flag (which, is that on fire???) but Christina and Tris jumping off the train. One reason, I would not be Dauntless. That's f**** insane. 

Quotes from the Teaser

You're different. They can't control you. They call it Divergent. - Tori

The Trailer

1. SUMMIT. How come everytime I see that production title, I can only think of Twilight? Is this a personal problem?...probably ;)


Oh so colorful. I miss Harry Potter. Good times. 


Abnegation! Prior Family! So much to take in here, but I must say wardrobe is fantastic. Did I picture Abnegation living in concrete blocks? No. But still loving how everything is the same in that Abnegation way. 


Look at that hair. Lovin' it! She's going to be a great Tori. Just hope I don't see her as Nikita when I watch the movie. 


Okay, if they had to show a wide-shot I really wish they'd show a picture of Chicago with the swamp (kind of like the book cover). That would have been awesome.


Ah! Guns! Ah! More guns! Ahhhhhh! We're falling....well, Tris is falling. But it just felt so real.


If this is the scene that I think it is then I'm super surprised they chose to put a clip of it in the trailer just because it's one of the climactic moments. But ooooh, that tunnel is so blue. It kind of looks like how I'd imagine an igloo :) 

8. I know who you are. If you want to survive, follow me. - Four. 

Okay...I don't know if this quote is direct from the book but it's too close to something too iconic for my tastes. I just have this running through my head -- 

Yeah...not good. 

9. They're going to kill me. - Tris. I'm not going to let that happen. - Four. 

I would be swooning at this moment if I thought these two had chemistry. But at this point. Eh. I don't know. And since when does Tris need a man to protect her? 


THE FERRIS WHEEEEL! This is just plain scary. 


I'm kind of upset that they showed his tattoos on the trailer. I wanted to be surprised! I hope they look cooler in the actual film.


Is that bedroom hair? Uh-oh spaghetti-o...


The big kissing moment!!! I've been a cynic of their chemistry for the longest time, and...I may come around eventually but I can't deny that this is kind of sexy. However, I still think the age difference is a bit weird. He just looks so much older than her. 

14. Then we have the knife scene. Her ear bleeds and she gets kind of teary eyed (which I have no sympathy for Tris since she has no sympathy for cry babies in the book) so suck it up! 


The title design is cool but also lame in comparison to Vampire Academy's exploding flower. Just sayin'.

Okay, so that's finally it for the reaction. Overall, I'm still worried about Shailene Woodley as Tris but I think that the production value of the film and the art direction look superb!! A little bummed we didn't get to see any shots with the other Dauntless members like Peter or Al, but still excited nonethless. 


What's your reaction to the trailer? Excited for the movie? Agree with the casting? Do you see chemistry between Tris and Four? Sound off below!!


  1. Oooh I really hope the movie stay true to the series.

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  3. SQUEALS! ZOMG. A trailer... I thought the teaser was going to be all I was going to get for a little while, but YAY. So happy! <3

  4. I'm still not sure about Tris & Four, but Kate Winslet already looks amazing in her role! :)


  5. I love this first look at the movie! I wasn't too excited over the initial casting of Tris and Four but I am coming around to it. Theo is hot as hell. It looks a lot like what I pictured. The trailer gave me chills.

  6. Maggie Q is fucking gorgeous (excuse my French) and such a good actress. Can't say anything bad for Kate Winslet either, can I? ;) I love those bird tatoos--whoop whoop! "This is probably the most memorable scene, at least for me, from the book. Not the waving of that flag (which, is that on fire???) but Christina and Tris jumping off the train. One reason, I would not be Dauntless. That's f**** insane." -- hahahahahahaha that flag comment made me laugh, lolllls. I love this scene as well. And I think we've all established by now that Theo James looks hottttt and bad-a. NOPE not a personal problem. I see Twilight every time I see Summit somewhere at the beginning of a movie and it makes me soooo doubtful of the project, because, let's face it: Twilight movies sucked.. OMG that igloo reference--I thought I was the only one who thought that, haha. Great minds think alike ;) I don't think he looks that much older. It's not as weird as Dimitri and Rose which looks like she's making out with her dad O.o That hair does nothing for Danila. I can't say that there is chemistry between Tris and Four in this movie, because there isn't much to judge on, but Theo and Shailene did have great chemistry on SDCC13 interviews and panel so I hope they bring it to the big screen. AND MADLY IN LOVE WITH THE PERKS GIF ;)

  7. HOLY COW!! This is awesome!!! Seriously, this cast is epic!! CANNOT wait for it!

  8. Kate and Maggie Q are definitely my favorite things so far about this trailer/movie, too! both are so awesome--and I am really looking forward to that train scene as well.

    I love that you guys broke down this trailer analysis into gifs, hah. It's very methodical. ;) Also, not a surprise at all that you think of TWILIGHT when you see Summit, because that's the movie that made them.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  9. I too think of Twilight every single time I see the Summit title and I'm happy to discover I'm not alone in that!

    I'm not really feeling Tris and Four but am trying my best to not judge what appears to be a serious lack of chemistry until I see the movie.

  10. LOL, love your comments. I haven't watched either trailer yet because I'm hoping to read the book soon before I see anything relating to the movie so I skimmed your comments. Those tattoos do look a bit weird.

  11. It looks so very awesome! I really feel like this adaptation will do well when a lot of them seem to flop lately.