TV Pilots in Review: The Originals

We're reviewing six new 2013 pilots this Fall TV season! We'll be dishing about the good, the bad, and the hotties on the small screen. Twin Takedown style, of course ;) 

The Originals
Network: CW
Premiere Date: October 3rd 
Air Date: Tuesdays 8/7c


Series will focus on The Original family of vampires from Vampire Diaries.


I am super excited that this was tied with three other shows for 4th place so we have the chance to review it. The second episode just aired on Tuesday on its real timeslot (and again on Thursday) -- so some of the gifs I found were from the second episode, but they don't spoil anything.

Krista: We both are HUGE Vampire Diaries fans, so of course we were thrilled that The Originals was going to be made into it's own series.

Initial Response

Becca: We thought the premiere episode was going to be the backdoor pilot (and for anyone who doesn't watch TVD -- that basically just means they stuck in the pilot episode of The Originals during the regular run of TVD. So fans already watched it. BUT Julie Plec (the creator) did something different and unexpected. The pilot (titled "Always and Forever") was in Elijah's point of view, instead of Klaus. So we were watching new footage. Yessss. I cannot tell you how excited we were.

Krista: Yeah, I totally thought this was going to be the same episode we saw in TVD, and then it opens with a flashback on a boat with our three leads in period garb. I quickly turned into this:

Plot/Story Arc

Becca: There is so many directions / plot points the show is taking. What I thought would be center front -- the baby plot (Hayley has a little wolf cub in her tummy and Klaus is the baby daddy) -- actually looks like a C plot. The true up front focus looks like Davina, the witchy girl locked up in Marcel's tower, who may have enough power to defeat the Originals. Also, Marcel's feud with Klaus -- and Klaus trying to make nice. And then Klaus and Elijah attempting to work together while Elijah seeks to find Klaus' humanity.

I'm not a hundred percent fan of the baby plot, but the others, I am game for. What about you, Krista?

Krista: I agree, the baby plot is kind of ho-hum for me. I do love the idea that Klaus might potentially have a kid, but I would have preferred that kid with Caroline (Yes, I'm a Klaroline shipper). Example A:

Sadly, Caroline won't be in The Originals so I promise this will be the last time I bring the couple up. It's important to note that Julie Plec (the executive producer of both shows) mentioned that this couple is going to be like Buffy/Angel, so I won't except them to get together again any time soon. If you haven't seen TVD, I would suggest going back and watching past seasons for this couple.

The Characters

Becca: Let's start with Klaus.

Okay, Klaus, we're getting to you. Hold on. 

You were clearly the one shouting, love. But anyway, Klaus in The Vampire Diaries is ten times more sympathetic than Klaus in The Originals. He's pretty much psychotic in this show. And I'm curious to see how people see him who haven't watched TVD before. I don't know if I would be strangely endeared to Klaus or appalled by his lack of humanity. I still love him, of course.

Krista: Yep! Klaus is one badass motherf*cker. I mean, the dude slaughtered twelve people on a Christmas episode! And yet, he still came out of that looking like the anti-hero. I agree with you, Becca, this show is really making him look like the villain more than any kind of hero. 

Becca: Now to Elijah.

He's the heart of the show, and Klaus just may be the blood that pumps it. I loved that the whole episode was in his point of view because we see just how much he wants to help his brother. How endearing is that? And I'm already starting to play matchmaker in my head for Elijah. He deserves some romance that isn't sneaky Katherine. 

Krista: Elijah and Klaus have such dynamic scenes, and I love that in The Originals we get to see their brotherly relationship. That kind of characterization was left out in TVD, and it's so interesting that I can't wait for more to be explored. 

Oh and romance for Elijah. If I had to put my money on it from the pilot, I'm thinking he's going to end up with Hayley (the werewolf carrying Klaus' baby), which I'm sure will fuel even more drama!

Becca: Hmm, not sure if I would approve of a Hayley / Elijah match just yet. Sometimes, he acts like her brother. So that would be weird for me. 

Now to...Rebekah! Sadly she wasn't in this episode much. She was back at home, and Elijah was calling her, trying to convince her to come to New Orleans to help take care of the baby and her brother.

Suffice it to say, in epsiode 2, she does come back. And we love her. Do you?

Krista: Rebekah is one of my all time favorite girls on TV right now. She's so strong and has a huge heart (that usually gets crushed by her bad luck with men). It's so much easier to root for a girl like her than whiny Elena.

Becca: Oh yeah, whiny Elena is not a fun character to root for.

Now to some of the new characters. Marcel is the biggest addition.

I think he definitely works as the antagonist to Klaus. And in episode 2, their dynamic just completely changes. You see why Klaus turned Marcel into a vampire and he explains what happened afterwards. Instead of a friendship bond they almost have a father-son bond, which is strange, complex and completely intriguing. So yes, I am a fan of the dynamic and Marcel's place in the show. Can't wait to see what happens!

Krista: Going into this, I had my doubts about who could play a villain more villainous than Klaus, but I think the writers and the actor did a phenomenal job. Marcel has such a different type of psychopathic-ness to him that I can totally believe he's more evil than the sexy Hybrid. 

Becca: I didn't think about that, but you're right. His evilness is a different breed than Klaus'. Klaus is selfish, but I think Marcel is just a bit more.

Sophie is next. My favorite witch in the show. Mind you, witches are persecuted in New Orleans. They're being run out and controlled by Marcel and the vamps. So they're the underdogs, and everyone loves an underdog story. 

I really like her with Elijah. She's headstrong and willing to make big moves to save her heritage after her sister dies. Also, there is a GIANT twist involving her and Hayley (the little wolf) that I didn't see coming. 

Krista: She would be a better pairing on the show with Elijah for sure. I think she's a good actress and she has some pretty cool tattoos. 

Becca: This is a good time to bring up Hayley, who most TVD fans absolutely hate. They dislike the actress because she's somewhat over the top, dramatic and can't hold down the American accent. Her Australian lilt comes out ever other word. She also is the reason (or so we think) that Klaroline (the shipper name) does not exist in The Originals. Caroline, Klaus' future wife (we all know it's going to end up there), is back in TVD. So that leaves us with Hayley, the sometimes annoying werewolf chick. 

Strangely, I find her less irritating in The Originals. She was a bit whiny in the pilot, but if she doesn't do stupid things to progress plot, I may actually like her. With Klaus? Never. With Elijah? Right now, they have a brother-sister bond, like I said. I could actually see her with Marcel. Now that would be a plot twist. 

Krista: I agree, she is overall less annoying on The Originals, but at the same time I still think she's miscast. She looks too young and plays someone too immature for a show with an all-around older cast than TVD. My bet is she'll end up with Elijah. 

Becca: I think you nailed the problem. She does seem too immature for the rest of the characters. And stop saying that Elijah and Hayley will be together. It makes me squirm!

...Now to Cami, the sole human, non-paranormal girl in the show. 

She is a Caroline knock-off, so I'm not buying her right now. Why not just bring Caroline into the show? They film both series in Atlanta. Nina Dobrev is doing double duty with Katherine and Elena. And Caroline really isn't in TVD that much anyway. Instead, they brought in a girl who is pretty much the Matt of TVD (well, Matt in seasons 1 through 3). She's naive to the supernatural, which just makes her bait.

Krista: Eh...we haven't seen enough of her to really make a decision. Right now she's playing the pawn role. 

Becca: Pawn, bait -- she's just food! 

Lastly, we have Davina. I'm not sure what I think of the actress yet. She's always pursing her lips, and she's quite bitchy. But I think that's just her character. 

I hope I'm not going to have to sympathize with her because I don't think I can. She's going after my originals, and that makes her enemy number one! 

Krista: She's evil in the "you stole my prom queen tiara" kind of way. It works for what it is. I'm curious as to what supernatural being she is if she's really not a witch. 

Becca: Well, they just revealed gypsies (or travelers, take your pick) on TVD, so any paranormal creature seems to be game. 


Becca: We all know that the biggest romance is the bromance. The show will stay afloat for the Elijah-Klaus dynamic.
You tell him, Elijah!

Krista: BROMANCE! I love those. And I'm totally rooting for more scenes with these two. 

Becca: Other pairs that I am guessing on will be: Klaus & Cami (not supporting this), Elijah & Sophie (I approve! But I'm less inclined to believe this will happen), Rebekah & Marcel (nooooo), and that's all I have right now, unless Hayley and Klaus get together again, which will have fans in an uproar, so I don't think the writers would do such a thing. What are your pairs, Krista?

Krista: I do not support Klaus & Cami. I think it might go towards Marcel & Cami (which would be a much better pairing.) I also think it's more likely we will have an Elijah & Hayley rather than Elijah & Sophie. I don't think they'll ever make Hayley and Klaus get together again. She keeps talking about how her one-night-stand was alcohol-fueled so I don't think there's any chemistry there. Plus, fans would riot. Honestly, the romances are going to be a toss up, which makes this show even more interesting. 

Becca: Elijah & Hayley *squirms* 

Production Value

Becca: I love the New Orleans sets. And I think they're all pretty and well done. I especially like the house they picked as the Mikaelson base.

Krista: The sets are great! I also love the house. It reminds me a lot of a sunnier Mystic Falls mansion. 

The Ending

Becca: Okay, that ending was CRAZY! I can't spoil anything, but it made Klaus seem like a true villain. And you kind of hate him for what he did. I think it sets up a whole lot of complications in the future, but I'm hoping Klaus' mistake will be resolved very, very soon.

Krista: Klaus sucks. He really is the guy you love-to-hate. The ending is such a twist and will play into all future seasons. It makes me want to binge on all the episodes NOW. But alas I can't, so I'm just running around screaming this...


Becca: Fans of The Vampire Diaries, Buffy and ESPECIALLY Angel. I think I should note that The Originals really is like Angel to TVD's Buffy. Krista and I never watched Buffy, but we own all five season of Angel. So I think you really can like The Originals without ever watching TVD. The Originals centers around family bonds whereas TVD is about a love triangle.

Krista: Obviously TVD fans. I agree with Becca, Angel and Buffy fans should also tune in. I think if you like the CW shows in general than this one should be your cup of tea.


Becca: Yes, yes, yes. There is some bias here because I have been a Klaus fan since he entered the show. But if the pilot sucked, I would be less excited and less inclined to give it such a high grade. For having multiple (exciting!) arcs and just great acting and equally brilliant writing, this easily gets an A

Krista: Hell yes! We're huge TVD fans after all. Of course we're biased. I think it was a good backdoor pilot, and I loved that they revamped it in Elijah's POV for the start of the fall. But I'm going to take of some points for Hayley's character and the baby plot. They could have done a little better. A-


Becca: It'll get a second season pick-up. It premiered lower than expected. A 0.9 on Tuesday, it's real time slot. But The Tomorrow People, another new show on the CW which we'll be talking about, premiered with a 0.8 (UPDATE: Just revealed that TTP was adjusted up for a 0.9). But I still think it's safe to say that The Originals will be sticking around.

Krista: This should get a full-season order along with a second season. Even though it premiered low on Tuesday, it's got the fanbase of TVD pulling it in. I don't think the CW will let it go anytime soon.


It's time for your voices to be heard! Have you watched the episode? Are you planning on seeing it? Sound off below!


  1. Honestly TVD started to bore me so I was so looking forward this show. I though it would be good but my did it blow me away! I love the sound of the whole idea and so many new characters to meet. Let's hope it'll stay good. Great review girls :)

    1. I'm so glad it blew you away, Tanja! I'm excited about getting to know more of the witches, especially Davina. Yes, let's cross our fingers that they don't jump the shark!

  2. I've been nervous to watch this, because I really don't like the Hayley/Klaus baby plot. I'm glad that it doesn't play a big role, though. I'm definitely planning to catch up on the first two episodes now. Amazing review :)

    1. The baby plot is not as bad as it was in the TVD backdoor pilot. I feel like the focused more on the aspect of family and less on Hayley in general. Which was good, and her friendship with Rebekah was kind of sweet in the second episode.

  3. I found the first episode to drag a little since we had basically seen it already, but it was a nice reminder and Elijah? --oh, man! He is such a great character to root for and I was surprised by the ending as well. I'm more of a Sophie-Elijah girl than Haley-Elijah (though shipper name's wise I'd go for Haleijah any day since Sophie and Elijah make weird combinations lol), but then.. even though Haley and Klaus would make the fans go boiling with anger, it would leave Haley up for game and I'm not a shipper of that ship. I hope this ship will stay as it is--as a ruin. Anyhow, I love the bonding relationship of Haley and Rebekah since Claire and Phoebe are great friends and their chemistry definitely shows on camera as well. As for Marcel--lol, the actor looks better here than in pink scrubs on Grey's Anatomy where I practically hated him for making Alex frustrated. I do enjoy his character here though since he's making Klaus work for his money more than TVD cast ever did and it's nice to see Klaus as an underdog this time around. I loved the second episode and I can't wait for more! Girls, you, again, made me laugh with this review and I can't wait for your following ones.

    "Klaus is one badass motherf*cker. I mean, the dude slaughtered twelve people on a Christmas episode! And yet, he still came out of that looking like the anti-hero.--" Hahahahaha. Can't wait to see what's next for Joseph Morgan and Christmas special ;-)

    1. Yay -- a Sophie-Elijah shipper! That's good to hear. (Eliphie -- yeah, that's a weird shipper name but Haleijah isn't much better to me lol) That is true. If Elijah is with Hayley, then Klaus prob wouldn't be with her. UNLESS THEY DO A LOVE TRIANGLE! Which my eyes will just start bleeding. If this turns into TVD Part 2, I will be so mad.

      I think that Hayley does become more endearing around Rebekah. And I can't watch them on screen without thinking about how they are friends in real life lol.

      I never watched that much of Grey's Anatomy. I can't believe Marcel was on that show! I didn't think about that, but you're right, he is making Klaus work for his money, and NO ONE on TVD really gave him much of a fight.

      Thanks for stopping by, Siiri! And Christmas and Klaus better be epic in New Orleans :D

  4. Huh, I've never heard of this one but I'm glad you girls loved it!

    Thanks for the post! <33

    1. You should watch it! Especially if you're a fan of Angel or Buffy.

  5. I'm still undecided about The Originals (the show) but since TVD seems to be heading down the Buffy Season Four path I think I will invest more time in it. I do *hate* that having a separate show means no Klaroline which sucks but I am glad Klaus and co are still around. Oddly Haley doesn't irritate me as much in this as in TVD thankfully and I'm wondering about the link between her and Sophie...awkward secondary sexy times hijinks may be on the cards...

    1. I know, that's the worst -- less Klaroline, which probably means NO Klaroline. I think Julie Plec is trying to make us forget about them. She mentioned Klaus being Angel to Caroline's Buffy, and if I recall, Buffy was almost NEVER in Angel. Maybe one or two episodes out of five seasons.

      Same about Hayley. She's definitely not as irritating as she was in TVD. I think the link between her and Sophie makes her more likable and interesting. Ooh, I didn't think about awkward sexy times. lol. That would be hilarious.

  6. I'm very excited about this series. I was getting tired of TVD (but I'm still going to watch it after that HORRIBLE ending and I still like Damon, haha) Klaus is such a fascinating figure and I love Elijah. His voice! I am also a Klaus/Caroline shipper <3

    1. Me too! TVD is not as good as it used to be. I was pretty bored by the second episode without Klaus in the show too. I'm just sick of the never ending love triangle. Even when Elena is with Damon, she's thinking about Stefan.

      Yay for Klaroline!! :DD

  7. I've actually seen TVD . . . well, about half of the first season. I've tried a few times to get into it, but it's never really worked. The Originals does seem like a good series to watch, but I won't be watching it weekly. Maybe I'll try it when it comes out on DVD. If I remember to.

    As always, great review and awesome gifs. :)

    1. You should definitely see at least the first episode, Kaitlin. I think the premise might appeal more to you than TVD. Whereas TVD is a love story, The Originals is about family. And I think that theme is more fun to watch.

  8. I SHALL NOT BE CONVERTED. (Lol, what the heck am I talking about?) You've probably already guessed that I don't watch TVD, so chances are I won't be watching this as well, but I'm glad that the both of you found this to be one of the better pilots -- among the ones you reviewed here, anyway!

    Hmm, now I'm a little confused - does the Originals take place a LONG time before TVD, or is it happening at the same time? Based on the title and that short blurb, I'm guessing that these were the people who "birthed" vampires, though I'm most probably wrong. And sweet mama, Klaus is HOT. Too bad he's the father of a half-werewolf. I don't get what's so attractive about werewolves, anyway. *grumble, grumble* And of course, having a good brotherly-relationship is always sweet.

    But whoa, some of Klaus' actions does make him sound villainy. That's okay. Villains can be sexy, too. Like the Darkling. I'm also super intrigued by this Marcel fellow. From that gif (I'm guessing that's him), he doesn't look very dangerous. In fact, he kind of looks friendly. ;D The way you two described Cami: "Pawn, bait -- she's just food!" -- LOL!

    I'm definitely intrigued, but I have no way to watch these shows. What a disappointment! Will you two be reviewing the next episode, though? Or are these reviews simply just a teaser to make us watch/not-watch certain TV shows? ;) Either way, great post as always!

    1. The Originals takes place at the same time as TVD. And you're right! They're the Original vampires, so every vampire was basically turned by one of them initially (if that makes sense).

      Werewolves are unattractive! The only thing that's hot is the alpha pack sort of thing. But other than that, no, they're so not cute. Especially when they turn.

      Marcel is totally being played by Klaus. He's not that big of a threat yet, but he has a weapon, that witchy girl, that is actually a force that could take down Klaus, which is SCARY!

      We're only going to review the first episode to see whether or not you want to watch the rest of the series. You should start this one, Meg! I know you watch very little tv, but this is a pretty good show :D Out of all the ones, I'd say The Originals and Reign are my favs.

  9. Really enjoyed your discussion ladies! I think the Buffy/Angel route was the right thing for TVD, I was starting to get over it with all the whole going back and forth between Damon/Stefan and Bonnie being annoying and Elena being whiny. The best character on that show is Caroline, but anyway. I really enjoyed The Originals, it's a lot darker just like Angel was and the characters are so much better! Klaus and Rebecca just became a laughing stock back in TVD and here they can rule and reign and be totally BADASS. I really like The Originals Rebecca, she's strong, stubborn, snobbish, but in TVD she was constantly looking for approval.

    Where were all the awesome flashbacks and the fear for the original vampires in TVD? The originals is where it's at and I'm really liking it. I had no idea lots of people didn't like Hayley, I don't think her character is really fleshed out yet. I think she was the best actress in Secret Circle and glad to see her making it, but not convinced on her character here yet.

    The apparent violence was also a shock, but I'm really liking the character development and everything! I think Rebecca and Marcel will get back together, they obviously have history. That will make things very why wouldn't Rebecca look at pissing off Klaus?

    1. Thanks Jeann! We share the same exact feelings on TVD. Caroline is the best character. Damon-Stefan-Elena is annoying for me now. And the fact that this season of TVD is basically all about the love triangle sucks.

      Yes, badass Klaus and Rebecca is the best. I liked Hayley okay in the Secret Circle. She's growing on me in The Originals. They're not overplaying her character, which is nice. I think they're handling it pretty well.

      I'm not a big fan of Rebecca and Marcel, but I'll roll with it. I like him better with Cami, I think. So true, she's most likely going to head in that direction. I think Klaus should not have a romantic interest. We all know his end game is Caroline :D