TV Pilots in Review: The Tomorrow People

We're reviewing six new 2013 pilots this Fall TV season! We'll be dishing about the good, the bad, and the hotties on the small screen. Twin Takedown style, of course ;) 

The Tomorrow People
Network: CW
Premiere Date: October 9th
Air Date: Wednesdays 9/8c


The story of several young people from around the world who represent the next stage in human evolution, possessing special powers, including the ability to teleport and communicate with each other telepathically. Together they work to defeat the forces of evil.


Becca: The Tomorrow People is a show about powers. And government. (And hot boys included) So naturally, I am excited.

Krista: Um...yes! It's got the three T's: Teleportation, Telekinesis, and Telepathy. Who doesn't love powers? The whole show has an X-men type feel, and for that I'm already a fan.

Initial Response

Becca: Like all good origin stories, we start with a boy finding out he may just be more than ordinary. He's ... extraordinary. I'm getting some Peter Parker vibes (which I love)

Krista: Yes! Major Peter Parker vibes, especially since he's the kid at school who's just really misunderstood. I was pretty giddy during the opening of the show, and I already felt for Stephen (even if I wasn't 100% fan of those voice overs). 

Plot/Story Arc

Becca: The plot starts simple enough. We're introduced to Stephen, and he's experiencing some weird things. In the middle of the night, he wakes up somewhere else. So he takes precautions.

But even strapping himself to the bed doesn't really work. Poof. He's somewhere else in the morning. Like here. 

Talk about awkward! 

Waking up in the neighbor's bed is no fun. Stephen is experiencing a weirder part of puberty -- coming into his superpowers (but we're all a little jealous he has powers at all, aren't we?)

Krista: Hilarious! That was probably the most memorable scene of the pilot for me. It just felt real and grounded in a human way even if we're dealing with superpowers. It almost reminded me a little of the first season of Smallville when Clark has to come into his powers. Love it!

Becca: You're right! Total Smallville vibe too. 

After his awkward sleeping habits, people with similar abilities reach out to Stephen -- via telepathy. It's nothing new in terms of origin stories. But I'm invested enough in the characters (and the cool powers) that I don't mind how similar it is. There's a secret lair area where all the people with telekinisis, teleportation, and telepathy hang out. This is where my jealousy ensues. 

How I wish I could do that! What genie bottle do I need to rub to get a good power? 

Krista: Did I mention how much I love powers?! But I have to agree with you on this one, the whole origin aspect as pretty ho-hum. We've seen it all before. So these scenes in the underground hang-out room we're less than spectacular. But I'm looking forward to more development. 

The Characters

Becca: Let's start with the lead. Stephen. He's good looking (have you seen his picture), the underdog (he is picked on by school bullies who steal his medication), and he is sweet and slightly dorky. In essence, he's Peter Parker. But I love that he's not a standard jock, which I thought is what his character would have been. 

And he's slightly tortured. I love a tortured hero. 

Krista: That last kind of weird. What the hell is he doing?

Becca: Okay, I meant to talk about his medication, and I even labeled that gif "medication gif." He's swallowing a pill. (He thinks he's crazy because he hears a girl's voice in his head.) So there. 

Krista: Anywayyyy, I do love a good story about a tortured soul. I think he's a great lead, and I'm excited to see where things go with Stephen. But alas, he is not my favorite character on the show (maybe because we've all seen this kind of character before). 

Becca: I agree. He's not the most compelling character. You know who is? John Young. He's basically the leader of the group that welcomes Stephen. 

I can't wait to learn more about him. But my love stems for his cuteness with Cara (a girl that has been talking in Stephen's head, not John's -- the relationships between people are actually more interesting than the plot!) 

Oh John gives great tortured looks too. Remember these are persecuted kids with powers! The government is after them, trying to "control" their superhuman-ness (not a word, I know). 

Krista:  Yep! I have to agree. John is my number-one favorite character from the pilot. And it's not just because he's pretty to look at. It seems like his character has more...mystery. He doesn't seem as formulaic as Stephen in terms of where his character will go. And--he's pretty badass. 

Becca: Now to Cara, John's love interest:

She seems too old for Stephen, so I was really happy to learn that she was with John. I like how strong-willed she is. This is not a whiny girl in the least. She can chill with the boys without seeming like the weak link. 

Krista: Way too old of Stephen. It's almost the same vibe as a baby sister hitting on a teenage boy. *shudders* Just kind of weird. I like her a lot with John, and I love strong female characters. Hopefully she'll get more depth in the upcoming episodes. 

Becca: And lastly, the bad guy. Dr. Price: 

I love this actor. He was Lucifer in Supernatural, and he does "evil" so well. He feels like a threat, and the show had much needed twists thanks to him. 

Krista: He's such a great big bad! He's the kind of guy who's evil but has some complicated circumstances to his villainous. I agree, there are plenty of twists in this pilot, some centered around Dr. Price. And he delivers perfectly. 


Becca: I love, love, love the current romance. I think John and Cara have lots of chemistry, and I like that there's already an established relationship to root for.

And there banter is as equally cute. 

Krista: I love this romance, which is why I'm already dreading the implied Cara and Stephen scenario. Like I said before -- it's got a babysitter vibe to it. Cara and John feel more natural, and they just look good together. Enough said. 

Production Value

The Tomorrow People doesn't just have okay graphics. They have great graphics. The superpowers are done so well, especially the teleportation. I am impressed. Example A:

Example B:
Example C:

Krista: The production value is stellar. It's one of the reasons I'll keep coming back to it for sure.

The Ending

Becca: SPOILERS So that ending. Wow. I did not predict that Stephen would team up with the bad guys. I think it opens the door for the show to find its own footing and become more original than what was offered to us here. 

Krista: That ending turned a predictable pilot into something really interesting. It's going to propel the series, and I'm so excited for it. 


Fans of The 4400, definitely. Anyone who enjoys a good superhero origin story. I think people who liked Roswell would even be down for this one.

Krista: Anyone who loves The CW and sci-fi shows. Arrow, Smallville and maybe Nikita are good examples. I wouldn't say Roswell because that was super heavy on the romance, and I think the romance is going to be a side-plot for this show.

Becca: True, true. But I don't think this is as dark as Arrow. And I'm not the biggest Nikita fan. I'd say it's a cross between Smallville and Roswell.


Becca: While the show didn't "wow" me with tons of new, unexpected things, I like the Peter Parker / Spider-Man vibe, and the characters definitely have my interest. The whole series has room to develop and be something great. I'd say this is more up my alley than Arrow which is also on the CW. I give the pilot a solid B

Krista: It was definitely more of a generic pilot with a couple twists thrown in. The series looks like it will have good potential. As a pilot, it lacked originality and thrills. I'll watch a few more episodes to make my ultimate decision. So if I'm grading on the pilot alone, I can't give it anything higher than a B-


The CW already ordered three more scripts. I predict that it'll get a full-season order, and if it keeps up its pace (around a 1.0 rating and matching it's lead-in Arrow), it'll be green-lit for a second season.

Krista: This will get a full-season since Beauty and the Beast is slowly tanking. It pairs well with Arrow and I see it being a stable show. Though, I'm not as confident as Becca. If it doesn't get more fans, I don't see it getting a second season.


It's time for your voices to be heard! Have you watched the episode? Are you planning on seeing it? Sound off below!


  1. One day, I swear I'll start watching TV again. Ugh I'm behind on everything! TVD, SPN, The Originals... this was one of the shows I was hoping to watch, so I'm glad that it didn't suck horribly. :p

    -P.E. @ The Sirenic Codex

    1. This one is definitely worth catching up on. I know what you mean about SPN! I am so behind on that show. I have three episodes left in the last season. But I can never seem to catch up to the live shows. The Originals gets better and better, so I'd suggest sticking with that one. The opposite is happening for TVD for me. This season...not so good.

  2. I meant to watch this, but it slipped my mind. I will have to see if I can find a rerun of the first episode! Those graphics are amazing!

    1. Hulu will have it! The graphics are really, really good. I am very impressed with this one! I think it'll stick around for a while.

  3. I loved first episode - I know, it is a lot like rest of The CW's supernatural shows, but it's good so far. I just hope they won't ruin it with sappy love triangles and too much different characters.

    Glass @ Way Too Hot Books

    1. Me too. No love triangles please! Stephen seems way to young for Cara.

  4. I love this post! Those GIFs are awesome hahah xD
    And I totally agree with you guys about Cara and Stephen - too weird. Cara and John are perfect. I think this show does have great potential and I do hope it meets it.

    1. Cara and John had the sexiest scene in episode 2! Seriously, it went on forever and I had to rewind. So good :D

  5. I've been debating whether I want to watch the show or not because I seriously fear CW shows. They turn every good show they have into insane teenage drama which I can't handle (except for Supernatural), but I watched the promo for The Tomorrow People and it seemed great.
    So thanks to you ladies, I think I'm going to give it a shot.
    I already love Cara and John! They seem adorable! :)

    1. Oh no! I love the CW so much. I'm pretty much a glutton for some good drama, and The Tomorrow People will prob stray away from Gossip Girl hooligans and more towards Arrow. So you may enjoy this one!