Books into Movies [142]: Trailers, News, and More!

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The full-length trailer has now been released! Be warned, it shows many clips of the major scenes. If you want to be completely un-spoiled then you might want to forgo watching it.

So here are my thoughts on this trailer:

1. They are definitely going for a more romance-heavy marketing strategy. It seems like the relationship between Four and Tris is the main focus.

2. Shailene Woodley seems to be playing a more "soft" version of Tris. I don't remember her tearing up or looking so scared so often. Even in her prose, Tris was tough and disgusted by anyone who showed outward weakness. So I'm curious to see how this plays out in the film.

3. The Testing scene at the beginning looks epic! And I love the casting for Tori.

4. Not much footage of the sub-characters (like Christina and Al). I'm wondering how much they'll be in the movie.

5. I felt like this trailer was basically the movie from beginning to end...and I liked it! Here's hoping it doesn't disappoint.

6. I'm still not a fan of Four's tattoos...


Do you hear that? It's the sound of me screaming and shaking everyone I see...

Why do you ask? Because the man who brought you the scores for The Lion King, Inception, Gladiator, and The Dark Knight will be producing the score for Divergent. If you thought this movie couldn't get any better, then think again. Hans Zimmer is the cherry on top of an already stacked production. 
Hans Zimmer will serve as the executive score producer on the sci-fi adventure film Divergent. Junkie XL (aka Tom Holkenberg) is composing the score for the film based on Veronica Roth’s bestselling novel

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Another marketing tool targeting the romance portion of the movie. I like it because we get a view of the city and ferris wheel in the background. 




If you remember Buttercup from the original movie (picture right), she's noticeably different from the cat described in the books. Fans were a little distraught over this change. And suprisingly, Suzanne Collins requested that Buttercup be recast for Catching Fire. Directer, Francis Lawrence, discussed the changes in a recent interview. 
“They thought the cat from the first movie was not the way he was described in the book,” Lawrence explains in an interview with Yahoo!, “And that had annoyed a bunch of fans, and things like that. So I was happy to get one that felt like the Buttercup of the book.” Interestingly, Lawrence says that cat problem was one of the only changes Collins requested between the two movies. “That was, quite honestly, the only simple thing, the Buttercup situation. Everything else was working on the story. We worked closely with Suzanne, which was partly why that came up.”
 I love consistency between book and film, but I'll be honest. Buttercup's color was not something I even realized was wrong. Here's the new Buttercup with Prim:


Music from the Catching Fire Soundtrack has been released. My favorite? The cover of "Everybody Wants to Rule the World" by Lorde.

These songs will most likely play during the credits, since the movie has a lyrical score.



Any fans of Fifty Shades of Grey are going to want to get their hands on the latest Entertainment Weekly. The magazine has interviews and new photos of Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.

There will be many fans critizing every aspect of this movie. I think that the casting is pretty on point. They casted a Calvin Klein model! I mean, come on. How can you complain about that? My only concern would be on-screen chemistry.

For more character photos visit EW


The release date has been moved back from August 2014 to February 2015. Notably, Valentine's day. Why the delay? The actors want time to get ready for the film. 
“Obviously, I want to look good naked,” said Dakota Johnson (who will play Anastasia) about preparing for the role. “I totally understand now why people exercise, because it kind of f—ing feels awesome.” Added Dornan, “I’m a fairly worldly guy. I grew up in a very liberal place. I’m not saying we had a playroom, but I’m not shocked by [the sex in the book]. It’s essential to tell the story. I can’t believe films that don’t invoke the sexual side of it. So it works for me.”
I already like these two! And even though this isn't a YA adapataion, I'll be sharing more interviews and such when they come in since it's such a popular book. 


E.L. James sat down with EW to talk about the adaptation. Here are my favorite questions: 
Dakota Johnson, who plays Anastasia Steele, was cast first. What do you like about her? She’s an old soul, but she’s so sweet, and she has a wicked sense of humor.
I can tell from photographs that Dakota Johnson has an old soul. She looks way more mature than her age (if that's even possible to see in a photo ;))
There was a huge online reaction when Charlie Hunnam was initially cast as Christian. It was very mixed and I had to get off Twitter for a couple of days. I wasn’t surprised. People hate change. I thought there would be a few people upset, regardless of whom we had chosen. It was intense, but people came around to it. 
And then he dropped out. It was disappointing, but it is what it is. I wish him well. And now we have Jamie [Dornan], and that’s great. It’s been interesting with Jamie, [the fan reaction] has been so positive.
Overall, E.L. James mood in the interview seems to be nervous. She admits to being "terrified" of the film and the response from fans. You can read the full interview at EW.


In an interview with BBC News, J.K. Rowling discusses her new project -- adapting Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them to film. 
Asked if she’ll ever be able to say goodbye to the Potter universe or will ever want to leave, she responded, “To be honest, it was seventeen years [since she started writing Harry Potter]. And now I’m back there. In a very different way, it’s different characters, but it is the same world. I think part of me will forever live there.” She paused briefly before adding, “And I’m not sorry about that.”
The fact that she admits to loving the Potter world so much is such a good sign! Future spin-off books?? Maybe, possibly...we hope so!!




Ender's Game released earlier this month. If you're still on the fence about the film, be sure to read our review! I gave the move a B+ while Becca gave it an A-. If you're a sci-fi fan, it's definitely something you should watch in theaters.



My personal favorite news: Hans Zimmer is producing the score for Divergent. I'm already craving to hear it!

 What movie are you dying to see? What's your favorite piece of books into movies news this week?  Sound off below!


  1. I'm really digging these books into movies posts!! They're so full of things I didn't even know! I actually didn't even want to see the Fifty Shades movie until Jamie was cast. He played one of my favorite characters in Once Upon a Time and I was so upset when they killed him off! I actually haven't read the book either and I'm still not sure if I will. Also, I REALLY hope that J.K. Rowling does a spin-off series for the Harry Potter world!! That would be so amazing! And I'm with you on the Divergent movie, I really hope I'm not disappointed!

  2. The marketing for Divergent is fantastic! I love everything, the trailer, posters, etc. Keep it up Summit.

  3. OMG I just saw the Divergent trailer the other day, totally lost it! I loved getting to see a snippet of the testing scene. That's actually some of what I look forward to most on the movie: all those test/fear scenes. SUPER EXCITED.

    And changing the cat on THG? Really?? They did the same thing on Veronica Mars and it really annoyed me. Who cares if you got the kind of cat wrong to begin with? Just keep it the same in the movies. *sigh*

  4. So excited for Divergent after seeing the trailer! It looks awesome AND gives my Theo James fix (which was taken away when Bedlam season 1 ended. BOO).

    As for the Fifty Shades movie ... eh. I just can't feign interest. The books were so anti-feminist and poorly written and blah. No thanks. Although, I will admit, I'm slightly curious as to what age the film will be and how they're going to avoid taking the softcore porn route lol

  5. This is actually the first time I watched the Divergent trailer since it was released a few days ago. I didn't want to watch it initially, because I won't be watching the movie. I don't want to spoil the version in my head, you know? But I gotta admit that trailer is really cool, though Four and Tris are very different from how I imagined. Which is why I won't be watching the movie.
    I do love the Catching Fire trailer immensely, though, and I can't wait to watch the movie!

  6. Reminder: READ Divergent before March.

  7. I am looking forward to Shailene in The Fault In Our Stars and The Spectacular Now. Am I alone in thinking she seems better suited for these two roles than Divergent?