Blog Hiatus! We'll be back in January!

Hi lovelies! Obviously you may have noticed that Becca and I have been posting less and less lately. Our New Adult book ADDICTED FOR NOW just released Nov. 30th, and we're both writing two more books for Jan/Feb releases. 

In addition to writing, we're busy this Holiday with family and so it's just unfeasible to keep up with Nawanda Files during the holidays. Because you know, we want to be able to have time to do things like this...

 But we're planning to be back in action in January with lots of reviews. So this is definitely a temporary hiatus (our first one ever!). And we're also hoping to get a new blog design for the new year, since it will be our 2nd year blogging in January. So we'll have some changes in 2014. 

It's not goodbye. Just a see you later ;) 


  1. Enjoy the time off, can't wait to see you again! :)

  2. Marry Christmas, ladies!
    Enjoy the Christmas food & the Christmas weather & all Christmas-winter related.

  3. Enjoy your hiatus, Merry Christmas & happy New Year :D!

  4. LOL for Sheldon gif! :) I love it. Anyhow girls I was away too and it seems like we both took some sort of holiday break. I cannot wait to see you back :)

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