Cover Reveal: Always Tomorrow by Laura Beege


by Laura Beege

Eeek! So gorgeous! And don't you love the birds? It reminds me of Tris' tattoo from the Divergent movie posters. Continue reading for details on the book!

Stealing a stranger’s shirt from the laundry room wasn’t supposed to snowball into a big deal. Jemima just needed proof of a lover in order to get her roommate off her back about getting laid. Frankly, she doesn’t have the time or the nerve to actually get involved with someone. After her father ditched her family out of nowhere, forcing her to return to Vegas and leave her dream behind at Juilliard, Jemima has enough on her plate to deal with.

Unfortunately, she stole Ashton Deverell’s shirt. And he doesn’t let her off the hook easily.

Illusionist extraordinaire, Ashton isn’t meant to look for more than a good lay in a girl. He’s turned his back on his criminal past, but he knows that it could catch up with him at any given moment. Sucking a girl into the black hole that is his life is a shit idea and he knows it. Thanks to Jemima, however, for the first time he can see himself with a future that doesn’t involve jail time.


Laura likes to call herself an international girl. She grew up in an Asian/European family in Germany, spent some time as an exchange student in France, moved to England after graduation and eventually landed back in Germany, where she’s currently working on her degree in Theater & Film. No matter where she will be next year (Manhattan?) or the years after that (Italy?), she intends to keep on writing.

She loves hearing from readers!

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  1. Is it wrong that I'm mostly just thinking about how much I love the girl on the cover's hair? Lol. IT'S SO PRETTY!

    1. OMG That's exactly what I was thinking!! hahaha LOVE IT