Sexy Sundays: Broken Prince by Aubrey Rose

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Broken Prince

by Aubrey Rose

Broken Prince is the romance novel for the mathematical geniuses, or just people that enjoy math for fun--if they exist?  Aubrey Rose does a great job writing this book! I love all the quotes from books and famous people; they seemed to fall in the right places and flow well.  Also, her reference to The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry had me going to Amazon to order a hard copy because I realized I had not read that in years. 

I love scenes set in a castle--now throw in a Hungarian forest a damsel in distress and a rich Prince! So I’m in the story, struggling with the Math but immersed with the romance and ready to fall in love with Brynn and Elliot as they fall in love.  

Brynn is a math student at the “Academy “in Budapest working towards her graduate degree.  She has some history with Budapest as her mother lived and died there.  Now this is where I get slightly confused probably because I was lost in some mathematical equation but Brynn was attacked in the woods??? I don’t know. You’ll have to read it yourself, but I'm not sure what happened. One minute she is totally in love/lust with Elliot and the next she can’t bear to let him touch her.

Elliot is a Mathematical Genius writing and solving theorems of unimaginable degrees of difficulty. Since his wife died in a tragic accident he has been slipping in his work, not producing enough and not producing anything worthwhile.  He loves Brynn and ever since she showed up on his doorstep with her kitten Lucky he feels more and more for her--especially because they share math (bahahaha).

Something...I do not share. Sorry, I do love when people share the same love, but it's just hard for me to connect when I don't understand all the terms. For instance, the Koch Snowflake...what? I spent half my time Googling and looking things up.

Overall, a sweet love story and if math is your thing then this New Adult story might just be your perfect read. 


The thrilling new follow up to the new adult bestseller Me, Cinderella? by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Aubrey Rose! 

Happily ever after is just what they say in books. Real life is MUCH more complicated. 

Brynn can't believe her good luck. Her Cinderella story continues as she finds herself studying math in a castle on the edge of a Hungarian forest. However, no fairy tale lasts forever, and a letter about her mother's death opens up a whole new world of nightmares... 

Eliot, finally back in Hungary, is haunted by the lie he told ten years ago to protect his family. Now he finds that he can no longer hide his dark past from Brynn, and time is running out to finish his life's work in mathematics. 

The problem that neither one of them can solve is this: 

Once broken, can two shattered lives ever be made whole again?


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  1. Sometimes I just laugh as I read the final product thanks Krista for giving me this outlet!