Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Things (That Aren't Books) That I'd Like To Own


Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.


1. A Library in My House

This is a long term goal. When I die, I will die in my library with my books. Bam! I would also like a spiral staircase and one of those moving staircases. Basically...I would like heaven, please ;)

Now that's a cool idea. A floor-length window looking out on a gorgeous view in a library! This space is obviously meant to enjoy a book, and not to show off. Could use some comfy floor furnishings though :)

2. These Bookends...

Because they are hilarious and awesome. 

Very cool bookends

3. This Tissue Box...

Because when I cry from a book, I would like a book to supply my tissues. 

For those tear-jerkers...

4. This Birthday Cake...

Because a birthday cannot be complete without a little Harry Potter.

Epic Harry Potter cake.

5. This Bookmark...

Because it tells you exactly which line you stopped on. 

6.  This Thing...

Because it makes life easier. 

Book on Book

Book on Book

7. This Bookmark...

Because I love the Wizard of Oz...and again...hilarious. 

8. This Lamp... 

Because it's of Nancy Drew books. That is all...

Nancy Drew Lamp <3

9. A Book Nook

Like my dream to own a library, I would also like to own a nice cozy book nook. 

beautiful reading/guest bed area - so awesome

10. Christmas Book Tree

Because this is how you do Christmas in style. 

Christmas Tree for Book Lovers - My Modern Metropolis


  1. I need those bookmarks! I've never seen them before but they are perfect. I can never remember exactly where I left off. Also, a reading nook and a Harry Potter birthday cake would be awesome. I tried to do a book Christmas tree this past year but it took up way more space than I had. I'm hoping to do some planning next year and actually be able to have one. I love them!

  2. So many awesome things!! We have the same dream. Before I die I will have a library in my house! And the pic you put on for it is beautiful, that is so close to what I would want my library to look like.
    My TTT

  3. That birthday cake is so intricately decorated that I couldn't even tell it was a cake at first! And that wicked witch bookmark is cracking me up. I want a massive home library as well. That's like my dream. Great list! I pretty much want everything! This meme was so much fun to write, but it hasn't been very nice to my wallet. :)

  4. I love those book ends. I've been drooling over them for a while now, but they are expensive.. I NEED a library <3 My life would be so happy and complete with a room filled with my books.

  5. I have never seen those book ends before. They are pretty awesome. Also, that library with the spiral staircase is super pretty. Now I want one of those.... :)
    Great post!

  6. Love that Oz bookmark! Although it would be hard to put back on a bookshelf, I think.

    A book nook is definitely on my "when I buy my own house" list of things to do :D

  7. I would love all of these things! Those book ends are great although my shelves are always so full I don't have room for bookends LOL I like that clear book page holder thing and those books marks. I usually use a magnetic bookmark or sticky note so it keeps my line.

  8. Awesome! I'd definitely want that library too! And this is the first time I came across the cute pointing finger bookmarks. Definitely useful.

  9. Haha, "this thing". Love all of these!!

  10. WOW! These are all amazing!!! Thanks for sharing!! I love them all and I've been trying to convince my husband to build me a little book nook in our house lol.

  11. The Christmas tree is adorable! And those bookends--love those!

  12. I'm strangely captivated by the last book end.

  13. Noooooooo, spiral bookcases suck! I wish I had an actual staircase in my house. It's so hard to carry big boxes on spiral staircases :'(

  14. I so agree on the library in your house, book tissue box, birthday cake and the book nook.