If You Love the CW...

So this is a quick post for all those CW lovers out there (myself included). Becca, who is a co-blogger here on Nawanda Files and my twin, is a writer over at the CW Atlanta. Every once and a while I like to pimp out her articles. Today is that day, my friends.

Preach, Klaus, preach!

Check out her posts over at CW ATLANTA

My favorites include her post about the four new shows (there is also a poll to vote for your favorite) and her the 100 recaps


  1. Aw! TTP is getting canceled? I don't watch much TV and haven't seen it, but I know Becca liked that show :( The Flash is something I'd like to see, but I said the same about Arrow and still have yet to watch an episode of it :/

  2. I fully believe that Jane the Virgin is a bad (BAD) idea.

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  4. Awww, as a series fan it will be hard for me to live without TTP. Where will I find all the news, and recaps, and everything else. Is was such a nice place, indeed. Well, i know that i can read some meldaresearch.com reviews here, but it's still not everything I want to.