Movie Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier


Captain America: The Winter Soldier

I have this love-hate relationship with Captain America. On one hand, he is my least favorite superhero out of the Avengers. He's so self-righteous and sometimes his character comes off as...bland. Put him in a room with Iron Man and/or Thor and he's easily overshadowed.

But it's really not Chris Evan's fault. That's just Cap's personality. So I try to give him some slack. And on the other hand, I like Captain America's vulnerability. He's more like a regular guy than the other superheroes. He seems way less invincible than Thor.

Going into Captain America 2, I had very LOW expectations. I wasn't a fan of the first movie. I found it tedious and really boring. But holy crap, was I surprised by this movie! It seemed to fix all the problems I had with CA1. No sappy, forced romance. No long winded exposition areas.

As soon as Nick Fury gets attacked by police officers, all bets were off. It was exciting, action-packed, and more unpredictable than the first movie.

**Slight spoilers from here on out**

I loved how Shield turned out to be the Big Bad. It was genius! Shield really makes these superhero movies feel more like the CIA, and for a Captain America movie, they make our hero feel way too invincible. But in CA2, it really felt like the Cap was on his own with Black Widow--everyone against them. Loved it!

Speaking of Black Widow. She is badass and I supremely hope she ends up getting her own spin-off movie.

There was also a new side character added to the mix, Falcon. It was a decent introduction, and I thought he worked well with Captain America since the Cap can't fly. Would I want to see a spin-off Falcon movie? Not really.

But the standout, and the reason why this movie was so damn good was the villain. Superhero movies with great villains really do stand up above the rest. It's why Thor is so good (ie Loki) and it's why The Amazing Spider-Man wasn't perfect (i.e. that big lizard thing). Captain America's villain was a sympathetic villain (my favorite) in the form of Cap's best friend: Bucky. Also frozen and reawoken in modern day, Bucky has been trained to fight for the baddies. And he also can't remember his past.

The moment The Winter Soldier showed up masked on the screen, I knew who he was -- Thanks to Becca who has read this comic (or at least knew about the comic) so she spoiled me on the twist. But I so didn't care! It was still awesome. He was badass, a little scary, but ultimately a villain you couldn't stop watching.

Confession: I immediately shipped Black Widow and The Winter Soldier the moment he was shooting at her. A little weird, yes, but it can so work, you guys! She has a bit of villain in her too, and I see her as more friendship material with the Cap. IT NEEDS TO HAPPEN.

Gahhh! Behind the scenes! 

Overall, this movie was far superior to the last. The villains was way better than CA1 and the plot is even much better than Thor 2's. Plus, it really changes the dynamics for all the Marvel movies here on out. Solid A.



Steve Rogers struggles to embrace his role in the modern world and battles a new threat from old history: the Soviet agent known as the Winter Soldier.



  1. I'm even more less intrigues by Hulk =/ but I agree, there's something about Cap that makes you yawn a little, because he usually isn't up for that much fun like the others. Omg, don't even mention Thor. Srsly. Chris Hemsworth is just.. sigh. *swoons* I fell alseep 20 min in the firt movie, but I seriously loooooooooooooooooooooooooved this one! I wouldn't give it an A though and let me tell you why: I just found it so predictable at times and it had all the cliché lines that me and my friend said to each other right before the characters on the screen said. BUT that's not to say it wasn't funny. It was. It also had some unexpected things going on ad ha! I loved Black Widow in this film, especially since she didn't have to speak Russian (for people who don't speak it, it sounds okay. I learned it for 7 years in school, though I still know very little in my opinion, and the American accent always ruins the idea of these kind of characters =/ so yay for her not speaking any :D it's just a minor thing anyway, but still. Ok, gonna stop now :D) AND OMG THE VILLAINS! YES! Didn't he remind you of Jake Gyllenhaal in Prince of Persia with his mask on? Lol. Not gonna lie, Bucky was kind of *ahem* very *ahem* hot with his stubble :D lol. It's just like with Loki--you want to root for him, but he's still the bad guy. My friend spoiled the comics for me regarding Natasha and Cap so idk. I love the Bucky and Natasha pairing though ;) My favorite part was the end where I whispered to my friend: "I'm so goig to bring a stack of books to you tomorrow. You see that guy on the left? Ha! That's Loren Hale. We'll be fangirling during Cap 3" and yeah, I grinned like a madwoman. Great reveiw, love! :)

  2. I just watched the movie as well and it was freaking amazing! Cap A was always my least favourite Avenger too, I didn't really "get" it until I watched this movie. He was amazing, and I loved the dynamic between him and the Winter Soldier! OMG A SHIP between him and Black Widow, yes please! Awesome review Krista :D

    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence