TV Discussion: How I Would Fix the CW


While Nawanda Files is primarily a book blog, we also like to discuss TV and Movies. Our favorite movies involve dramas with emotional stories, and our favorite TV shows usually land on the CW. 


First of all, if you have no interest in television, then feel free to just skip this post all together. It's long and there are some pretty strong opinions about ships (the fangirl kind, not the ones that float in the water). You've been warned.

Alright, if you're a TV junkie like us, then you know that this TV season is coming to a close in a few weeks and the upfronts are happening mid-May. What are upfronts? This is when the networks reveal their schedules for the fall season. Becca works for the CW Atlanta, so she actually gets to attend a live showing of the CW upfronts. Who's jealous *points to self*

But the coolest part about CW upfronts is learning which pilots will be picked up (and ultimately, which shows are canceled). Becca and I usually have bets going on, and we frequently talk about TV programming. We're weird like that ;)

The CW is our favorite of all networks, and this year they've had some hits and misses *ahem, The Originals* So I have some steps that I think will solve ALL of the issues and kinks with the shows and lineups. I, of course, am not a professional programmer, but merely a fangirl with some super big opinions about TV.

This post is timely since Supernatural: Bloodlines  just aired its backdoor pilot last Tuesday. I have some very specific thoughts about this show below.

Before I talk about the "steps," take a look at the list of pilots ordered for the CW's 2014/2015 season. All the summaries from Futon Critic.

The Flash (Spin-Off of Arrow)
Through a freak accident, scientist Barry Allen is given the power of super speed that transforms him into the Fastest Man Alive, in THE FLASH. THE FLASH pilot is executive produced by Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg and David Nutter (all of Arrow). Nutter is directing from a script by Berlanti & Kreisberg & DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns. THE FLASH is from Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television, and is based upon characters published by DC Comics.

Supernatural: Bloodlines (Spin-Off of Supernatural)
Spin-off of the series set up via a backdoor pilot about the various mafia-esque monster families that unknowingly to humans run the underbelly of Chicago and who are being tracked by a newly minted Hunter who's trying to stop them 

Drama about a young Brooklynite recruited by the CIA to infiltrate her recently discovered biological family, a wealthy and powerful dynasty in Texas suspected of having criminal alliances across the globe

Small screen take on the DC Comics title, about a med student-turned-zombie who takes a job in the coroner's office to gain access to the brains she must reluctantly eat to maintain her humanity

Jane the Virgin 
Drama about a hard-working, religious girl who, due to a series of outrageous events, is accidentally artificially inseminated

The Messengers 
Drama about when a mysterious object crashes down to earth, a group of seemingly unconnected strangers die from the energy pulse - but then awaken again as angels of the coming Apocalypse

I have opinions on all of these pilots that will be discussed in my steps. So here are my simple steps into making next year's TV shows perfect on the CW: 

1. Don't pick up Supernatural: Bloodlines

I LOVE Supernatural. I have been watching this show since it's birth. And when they announced a spin-off I was basically peeing my pants.

The spin-off, Supernatural: Bloodlines, aired last Tuesday as a backdoor pilot, and I can say that it was a big ole' disappointment. 

It's hard because this show has A LOT to live up to. Supernatural has my all-time favorite pilot to date. And it's been almost 10 years. That's 10 years that any other show could have beat that pilot, but nothing ever comes close. Supernatural: Bloodlines was far from perfect. 

We meet two new leading characters.  Lucien Laviscount as Ennis, a new hunter and turning into the "Dean-like" character. His father also may have been a closeted hunter. And then there's Nathaniel Buzolic (Kol from The Vampire Diaries) as shape-shifter David, who (despite his monster status) is clearly the "Sam-like" character. His heart belongs to a werewolf girl. But they can't be together because they must keep their bloodlines pure. Very Romeo & Juliet esque. Also the same theme as a current show on the CW: Star-Crossed. 

It was hard to root for any of the characters, and no one had the sort of spark that Sam and Dead did in the pilot episode. The plot is ho-hum. But mostly, I'm so disappointed that the spin-off chose this direction (battling families and monsters in a city) since it's so reminiscent of The Originals. I would have forgiven it for fantastic characters, but even those fell flat. The only person I really liked was Sal but *SPOILER ALERT -- highlight to reveal** he dies in the first scene. 

A perfect CW season would be passing on this spin-off. Maybe in a couple years they could do another spin-off with more likable characters. Plus, by passing on the spin-off it allows this....

2. Kol Returns to The Originals 

Nathaniel Buzolic currently plays the lead on the Supernatural spin-off but if it's not picked up, he can reprise his role as bad boy Kol on The Originals.

True, Kol is dead, but they can always preform some witchy voodoo and bring Kol back to life. Plus, with Rebecca gone, the show only has TWO originals left. So this would make the show's namesake a little more meaningful. 

3. Klaroline Needs to Happen

The Originals has so many problems that I could spend one whole post talking about the ways to fix it, but this is probably the biggest one. I ship Caroline and Klaus. I'm not ashamed or afraid to say it.

These two have intense chemistry on screen, but Klaus has become so out of character on The Originals. He's sappy and love sick over people he barely knows, that the blonde vamp needs to head to the bayou to shake things up. 

4. Ditch the Love Triangle on TVD

The Vampire Diaries is growing seriously tired, and a lot of it has to do with the love triangle between Stefan-Elena-Damon. I used to be a huge Delena shipper, but now I honestly don't care.

Do you remember all the mysteries and thrills TVD used to have? Now we're stuck with back and forth between the triangle. Just choose someone, Elena, and then get back to the grit of the show. Oh, and ditch the Travelers. Not a good storyline, guys. 

5. Cancel Star-Crossed

The CW had five new shows this year: The Originals, The Tomorrow People, Reign, Star-Crossed, and The 100. Star-Crossed is undoubtley the weakest of all five shows. It's full of cheese.

6.  Renew The Tomorrow People AND The 100

This probably won't happen. Both of them are competing for the last rumored renewal spot on the CW. I think, best case scenario, they should renew both and give them half seasons. The 100 is already a great mid-season show, and I think TTP could improve with a shorter season with a more cohesive arc.

7. DO Not -- I repeat -- Do Not, pick up Jane The Virgin

If you read the summary for Jane the Virgin above, then you know how kooky and WTF the premise seems. I love me some weird concepts, but not if it sacrifices a spot for a different pilot on the CW. Sorry, I really, really hope they pass on this one. 

8. THE PERFECT 2014-2014 TV Schedule

So here's my very last step, and it's choosing the right TV schedule for next year. Out of the pilots, I would go with 1. The Messengers. This seems to be more of a Supernatural spin-off concept than Supernatural's actual spin-off. Angels. Apocalypse. Yes and yes.

2. iZombie. Sure, it's a little strange, but I think done right this could be a breakout show.

3. The Flash. If I had to choose, I'd be all for Identity, but the CIA seems to be a little out of the CW's audience. The only similar CW show was Nikita, and I liked it in the beginning but wasn't a fan of it later on.  The CW is definitely going to be picking up at least one spin-off (if not both) so I think The Flash may prove worthy.

Here's how I'd breakdown the schedule (all times are EST):


8PM: Reign
9PM: The Messengers


8PM: iZombie
9PM: Supernatural


8PM: Arrow
9PM: The Flash


8PM: The Vampire Diaries
9PM: The Originals


8PM: Hart of Dixie
9PM: The Tomorrow People/Mid-Season The 100

BONUS: Bring back Sunday Scheduling

This will never happen, but do you remember the days of the WB? When shows like Charmed aired on Sundays. I think the CW should think about obtaining Sundays again. I'm sure there's a legitimate (probably financial) reason they sold the slots, but I'd love to see two more CW shows on air. And while I'm being greedy, let's throw in 10pm slots as well. Please and thank you :D 

If you've lasted to the end of this post, I dub you a true TV junkie or at least you love the CW as much as us. Or maybe you just like to commit to reading all of a post once you've begun. Whatever the case, thanks for stopping by <3 

What are your thoughts on the CW shows? Loving the ones on air? Have any favorite pilots you want to get picked up? Sound off below!


  1. The Messengers actually sounds really good. Definitely rooting for that one over the SPN spinoff... I stayed AWAY from the Originals because of all the drama and too-many-species thing, and I'm not about to jump back in. Plus, Romeo and Juliet? Really? Although I'm glad to know that the shifter dude was Kol - that makes so much more sense now. I couldn't place where I had seen him before!

    1. The Messengers is my favorite of all the pilots! I'm hoping that it will get picked up. And gah! The Romeo and Julie thing in SPN spin-off is sooooo bad. I cringed throughout the entire show. It's pretty much unsalvageable. Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. What bother me is that Caroline even got herself a character poster for TO and they still haven't introduced her in New Orleans. I could seriously care less about TVD love triangles or Stefan and Caroline being set up. STOP MESSING THOSE RELATIONSHIPS UP. I don't even care for the effed up, absolutely ridiculous plots anymore >.< Star-Corssed is so 90210 it's not even funny. The only part I like: DRAYLOOOOOR. Seriously? These two are epic. Ok, I like that Julia girl too. Other than that? What in the world is this show? O.o I need The Tomorrow People to be renewed. The 100, I mean.. I've grown to like it during the last two weeks, but if I had to choose? TTP ftw. Wait, HoD got another season? O.o I thought it was getting cancelled. Sundays are for GoT, OUaT and Revenge and CW can't compete with those to save their life so I understand why they're not taking those time slots, but it would be pretty cool if they had a show for that time. I can't wait for The Flash--the introduction to that show was pretty cool in Arrow + possible Felicity appearings. Whoop! The Messengers and iZombie are on my "to explore" list if they do in fact happen. Jane the Virgin seems.. wtf. Great post, Krista :D

    1. Caroline got her own TO poster??!! I didn't even know that, but it makes me so mad now. She hasn't be in one episode, and I thought that she'd at least guest star a little bit. Same with the other TVD characters actually. At the beginning, Julie Plec kept pitching TO like it was a legit crossover show where the characters could go back and forth between the shows. NOT TRUE. And if Steroline happens I will cry tears of rage.

      Draylor?! I need to look that couple up. The whole show is super hokey, but glad to know there's at least one redeeming quality, lol!

      I love the Tomorrow People but not the direction it's going in lately, whereas The 100 has been getting better and better. THOUGH...the above schedule is what I *wish* would happen. If I was predicting the schedule for next season, then The Tomorrow People wouldn't be on it. I'm pretty sure it will be canceled :,(

      HoD is definitely going to get another season because it only needs one more to get syndication. Though, I think it will only be a half season like Nikita did. I stopped watching HoD on account of them messing with Zoe and Wade. Enough was enough for me.

      I also stopped watching Arrow but Felicity was my fav!! I'm actually more excited about the Flash than I'd thought I'd be. It seems like it could do well. Thanks for stopping by Siiri! Amazing comments! Glad to know I'm not the only one who's interested in the CW ;)

    2. Yup, I think this one's it: Rebekah, Elijah and Klaus all got one and she got one too so it's extremely frustrating that they were promoting this epic love story and whatnot in TVD and we basically get nothing.

      Yeah, did you see last night's episode? =/ She was totally jealous and him rubbing his thumb on her cheek? So not appealing. I want their friendship to stay that way and honestly? I've seen so many "thanks, but no" replies to Steroline that I really don't uderstand what the writers are thinking.

      Draylor yes :D Taylor and Drake.. the big guy and the blonde chick. They're so adorable and I love their chemistry ;) I basically hate everything else and the main couple? Booooooring! *yawns*

      I'm pretty sure that if it does get another season, it'll be cancelled next season =/ it's like B&tB take two :(

      They're pushing them back together, and George and Lemon too, which I'm happy about. But the G&L thing is sooooo weird. Imo. They better get Annabeth and Levon back together or else..

      Ha and yes! I love discussing TV shows even if I have such a busy schedule of thesis writing right now ;) x

    3. I'm glad I didn't see last episode then! I would have hated it. I'm so not a fan of Steroline. I think the worst thing about it is that they were such great friends. And for the writers to ruin that friendship for a romance SUCKS. I really don't know what they are thinking.

      Ha! Draylor! I know who you're talking about now. *heads off to youtube to find clips*

      Yay for putting Zoe and Wade back together! But wtf on G&L. I never really liked them together in the first place. I was always hoping they'd introduce a new guy for Lemon. Becca and I think that Wade's brother (I think he was an in one episode) would have been a good choice. The actor was Green Arrow from Smallville, and i could totally see Lemon and him together. I need to catch up on HoD though. So far behind!! lol!

      I love discussing TV too. It's like the silver lining of my day :) Good luck on your thesis writing!

  3. The 100 is one of my new favorite shows, so I'm really hoping it'll get renewed! The storyline is so amazing for it. I watched the first few episodes of TTP, but I just lost interest after a while. I'm definitely hoping they'll pick The 100 over that.

    For Star Crossed, I agree with Siiri about Draylor being my favorite thing about the show. They're such a cute couple and pretty much the only reason I watch the show anymore.

    I stopped watching this season's TVD because I got so frustrated with the love triangle. I also used to love Delena, but now I don't care that much. I'm hoping they'll move Caroline to The Originals at some point.

    1. Oh my gosh, I need to check out Draylor now! So curious!! I stopped watching TVD as well. The love triangle is seriously frustrating at this point.

      I LOVE The 100! Bellamy is my all-time fav, and I'm really glad they're disintegrating the love triangle between Raven-Finn-Clark. Wasn't a fan of that. But I totally agree, the storyline is awesome! I never know what's going to happen. TTP wasn't very good in the beginning, but after the first few episodes it really picked up and became something special. If you have time, you should give it another shot. At least for John Young ;)

      Awesome thoughts, Montana! Thanks for stopping by :)

    2. Bellamy is my favorite character, too! I want Bellamy and Clarke to eventually get together, so I'm hoping that will eventually happen. I feel like Clarke is the only one who really gets through to Bellamy. My friend is a huge Finn and Clarke fan, and I just don't understand why :p I think Finn's a nice guy, but not necessarily right for Clarke.

      I think I'll have to give TTP another try, too! :)

  4. This is such a fun post 'cause I love all things CW! So cool that Becca gets to do all that cool stuff. =D

    I've never watched Supernatural (I do plan to) so not excited about its spin-off. I'm curious about Flash, though (blame Sheldon Cooper's red Flash t-shirt haha) and I like Arrow. It's not great but it's good.

    If Identity is anything like Revenge (wealth and power) I'm sooo going to watch it.

    I'm not into zombies so no to iZombie and Jane the Virgin does not sound like something I'd watch. Ew.

    Yes to The Messengers! I had no idea about it.

    I've yet to catch up on The Originals and the last time I watched it, everyone was loving it. I wonder what happened. I do want Kol back on, though. He's a kickass character.


    Oh yes, SO freakin' tired of the love triangle and the Travelers storyline. Boo.

    I didn't even bothered to watch the pilot of Star-Crossed. I wanted to watch The 100 but I read the reviews and was put off. I did watch a couple of episodes of The Tomorrow People but I wasn't invested in it.

    I really like Reign (though my ship crashed AND burned) right now and I agree with your schedule! Needs to happen, the CW!

    1. The Originals started out great but it's slowly been tanking. I just hate how out of character they've made Klaus from his stint on The Vampire Diaries.

      The Tomorrow People wasn't very good in the beginning, but I promise it gets sooooo much better!!! And I was really skeptical about The 100 but that show has proved me wrong as well.

      I started watching Reign but I stopped when Greer and Leith didn't get together. Not sure if that was fixed or not. But I totally know how you feel about burning ships! Not fun.

      Oh, and I totally agree about Identity. If it's like Revenge (the first season) then I'm all for it!

      Thanks for stopping by, Sana <3

  5. The title of this post made me laugh so hard. It needs some serious fixing, that's for sure!

    1. Lol! Yep, definite kinks that need to be smoothed out. Thanks for stopping by!!

  6. I think you have a solid plan! I watch more Netflix these days than actual TV (binge watching Buffy for instance, lol), but I think The Messengers sounds good and iZombie might have a chance since The Walking Dead is so popular.

    I want to watch The Tomorrow People and The 100. And I agree with you about Jane the Virgin - it sounds way too WTF for me to even consider watching.

  7. Getting rid of the love-triangle in TVD: YES. I'm currently on a break from watching this show, because I'm just tired of it. PICK already, damn. I do like the idea of Kol returning to The originals, but at the same time I hate it that dead people always seem to return. And I need Klaroline too!

  8. Your plan is pretty great. I used to love the CW, but I don't know. Somewhere after the end of One Tree Hill I lost interest. Well... I have plans to catch up on some new series like Reign and The Tomorrow People, but I need a show to real grab my attention and then I think I'll be watching regularly.


    I remember when I was like in the fifth and sixth grades... maybe even fourth? I would have this friend over and we would secretly watch Charmed.

    Great post!!

    - Tabitha @ Tabitha's Book Blog

  9. iZombie sounds like quirky fun. But if CW cancels The 100, I'm done with them. It's the only show I watch on the network, and was surprisingly good (surprising to me, anyway).

  10. Caroline needs to go on The Originals. Also, they seriously need to bring back Veronica Mars.