Ranking the New Fall 2014 TV Shows

For September, I thought it would be fitting to do another TV post, since fall television is about to begin. *cues the drum roll* As a self-proclaimed TV Junkie, this is usually my favorite time of the year. This year, however, is really filled with some ho-hum looking new shows. I can't name one that I'm super super excited for. Not like last year. The Originals -- yes! The Tomorrow People  -- double yes! Once Upon a Time in Wonderland -- hell freakin yes (also RIP)!

While most shows this year look like duds *cough cough Scorpion* There are some that I'm a bit excited for. So let's break it down.

Here are a list of the news show, separated by Network with their premiere date attached.

Mysteries of Laura - Sept. 24
Bad Judge - Oct. 2
A to Z - Oct. 2*
Marry Me - Oct. 4
Constantine - Oct. 24
State of Affairs - Nov. 17

Utopia - Sept 7*
Red Band Society - Sept 17*
Gotham - Sept 22
Gracepoint - Oct 2
Mulaney - Oct 5

Madame Secretary - Sept 21
Scorpion - Sept 22
Stalker - Oct. 1
The McCarthys - Oct. 30

Forever - Sept 22*
Black-ish - Sept 24
How to Get Away with Murder - Sept 25
Selfie - Sept. 30
Manhattan Love Story - Sept. 30
Cristela - Oct. 30

The CW
The Flash - Oct. 7
Jane the Virgin - Oct. 13

*indicates that I have already seen the pilot, whether the show already aired or I saw an early release of the pilot

I Rank The New Shows

So I'm basing these rankings on their concept, cast, and trailer. I'll try not to be biased based on the shows that I've seen the pilots for...okay, who am I kidding, I'm going to be super biased. Note: That I love the CW and I'm not much of a crime show fan, so the rankings will reflect my personal television tastes. 

I also didn't spend the time writing summaries, so if you want a synopsis of the shows, you can find the list at TV Guide.