Ranking the New Fall 2014 TV Shows

For September, I thought it would be fitting to do another TV post, since fall television is about to begin. *cues the drum roll* As a self-proclaimed TV Junkie, this is usually my favorite time of the year. This year, however, is really filled with some ho-hum looking new shows. I can't name one that I'm super super excited for. Not like last year. The Originals -- yes! The Tomorrow People  -- double yes! Once Upon a Time in Wonderland -- hell freakin yes (also RIP)!

While most shows this year look like duds *cough cough Scorpion* There are some that I'm a bit excited for. So let's break it down.

Here are a list of the news show, separated by Network with their premiere date attached.

Mysteries of Laura - Sept. 24
Bad Judge - Oct. 2
A to Z - Oct. 2*
Marry Me - Oct. 4
Constantine - Oct. 24
State of Affairs - Nov. 17

Utopia - Sept 7*
Red Band Society - Sept 17*
Gotham - Sept 22
Gracepoint - Oct 2
Mulaney - Oct 5

Madame Secretary - Sept 21
Scorpion - Sept 22
Stalker - Oct. 1
The McCarthys - Oct. 30

Forever - Sept 22*
Black-ish - Sept 24
How to Get Away with Murder - Sept 25
Selfie - Sept. 30
Manhattan Love Story - Sept. 30
Cristela - Oct. 30

The CW
The Flash - Oct. 7
Jane the Virgin - Oct. 13

*indicates that I have already seen the pilot, whether the show already aired or I saw an early release of the pilot

I Rank The New Shows

So I'm basing these rankings on their concept, cast, and trailer. I'll try not to be biased based on the shows that I've seen the pilots for...okay, who am I kidding, I'm going to be super biased. Note: That I love the CW and I'm not much of a crime show fan, so the rankings will reflect my personal television tastes. 

I also didn't spend the time writing summaries, so if you want a synopsis of the shows, you can find the list at TV Guide.

1. Manhattan Love Story

I know this may seem like an odd choice for number one. But there is a method to my madness. I have a love-hate relationship with sitcoms. Sometimes we gel, other times we're not friends. At all. But Manhattan Love Story combines two of my favorite actors with a beyond cute premise. This will probably be one of the few shows I'll watch on the day of the premiere. Watch the Trailer

YESSSSSSSSS. It's going to be funny and cute and all kinds of swoon, you guys!

2. Red Band Society

This was another hard choice. Considering, I've already seen the pilot, maybe this should be lower. But my bias is taking over. I'm really super excited about seeing the next episode and the next one after that and the next one. This show has crazy amazing potential. It reminds me of the early, non-crappy seasons of Glee. Humor, emotion, and heart all around. If it keeps up a good pace and doesn't become to cliche and preachy, it can go a long way. 

3. The Flash

My love for the CW knows no bounds. I'm bummed by the lack of new pilots for the fall, but the Flash is a guaranteed hit. With Robbie Amell (The Tomorrow People) joining the cast, it adds some hot bods to the mix. They definitely need some more sexy guys (yes, it matters, okay!) but I'll be watching for the cool super powers and hopefully great storylines. The romance between Barry and his significant other looks a little ho-hum, which is why this isn't higher. 

4. Stalker 

Maggie Q is the best. Don't even question that sentence. It is true on numerous accounts. Stalker looks different than other crime shows, which is why I'm sucking up my crime show hate and putting it at number 4. Why? Because the trailer shows a lot of depth and the characters look superb. Plus...Maggie fucking Q. 

5. How to Get Away with Murder

This is the new drama from the creator of Scandal. I've seen the first 2 seasons of Scandal. I think it's a great show, and very soapy like all of ABC dramas. How to Get Away with Murder has a much younger cast, which is something I'm always drawn to. The plot doesn't look bad. It's the characters that I'm worried about. As long as I can root for someone, I'll be happy. 

The Rest of The Shows

6. Gotham
You may be wondering why Gotham didn't make my Top 5 this year. I love superheroes. I'm even starting to read comics. I'm excited for Gotham, don't get me wrong. The problem I have with it is that it's focused on of the most boring characters in the Batman cannon. James Gordon? Really? And I love Benjamin Mckenzie (OC fan!) but I don't think he's strong enough to support a whole show like this. I'll tune in for the young Catwoman, but other than that, my expectations are low. 

7. Constantine
I've seen the Keanu Reeves movie, and I love it! Immensly! Here's to hoping the show is just as good. Though the trailer seems a bit average...

8. Utopia
I'm currently watching this show. Lots of drama. A little different than I thought it would be. No confessionals like Real World or diary room sessions like Big Brother (they could really use these). But overall, it's interesting. And there are people you can root for. Side note: I do think it may get canceled early. 

9. Gracepoint
This is the mini-series about a child abduction. I love mini-series, so I think it could be a good show to binge watch later on.

10. Bad Judge
The trailer for this show is simply hilarious. If it's not too grating after a few episodes, then it could be a standout and may take the place of New Girl for me.

11. A to Z
I watched the pilot on Hulu and it's super cute. It's almost like watching a 30-minute movie. The problem is that I could stop there and be okay. I don't necessarily feel like I really need to see another episode.

12. Marry Me
If Becca were ranking the shows, she'd put Marry Me much higher. We've been on a disagreement about this one. I think it looks funny but grating. She thinks it looks hilarious and hilarious. So we'll see!

Show I Won't Watch

I'm not going to rank these since I'm not planning on watching any of the pilots. I've listed some reasons why below. 

The premise is really intriguing, I will give it that! A team of geniuses helping to solve world-wide problems. The issue is the cast. They all look so bland. 

I've seen the first five minutes of the pilot and I had to turn it off. So boring. On extraoridnary levels. But maybe my crime show bias is coming in strong here. 

Jane the Virgin
It looks super hokey. And I can't get over the fact that The Tomorrow People was cancelled for this.

These shows I just won't be watching because they don't look like my type of show. 

Mulaney, The McCarthys, Black-ish, Cristela, State of Affairs, Madame Secretary, Mysteries of Laura, Selfie

That's it! It's a long post, but if you're super into TV like me then I hope you enjoyed it :)


  1. Fun post! I guess I haven't had much time to really look at TV shows, especially to see what's coming up for fall. I'm simply thinking of continuing the shows I love- Supernatural, Game of Thrones, and maybe continuing TVD. Other than that, I've started watching Orange is the New Black, and hopefully will eventually get to House of Cards. There are frankly too many fascinating shows to name!

    -P.E. @ The Sirenic Codex

    1. I LOVE Orange is the New Black. Amazing show. I'm so looking forward to Supernatural as well. And Game of Thrones. And TVD! We definitely like the same shows lol :) Thanks for stopping by <3

  2. I wasn't aware of Manhattan Love Story but it looks so cute! Ha. BTW. Isn't the girl MC from ANTM? :D Maybe I'm delusional. FLAAAAASH!!!! Robbie Amell will kick butt in this, I'm sure! (Let's be honest, his character probs won't be so annoying in this than TTP.) OMFG MAGGIE Q HAS A NEW SHOW COMING OUT? I DON'T REALLY CARE WHAT THIS IS ABOUT BUT MAGGIE Q *FAINTS* How to Get Away with Murder is on my must-watch too! Idk if I'm going to watch Jane the virgin. We'll see. Though I must say that a new show I want to watch is Chicago P.D. because SOPHIA BUSH. That woman is just amazing upon more amazing and I really want Brooke Davis on my screen again so yea. Loved this post, Krista! Oh, and btw! Idk if you have already seen this trailer, but I realllllllly want to see The Theory of Everything that comes out in November. It looks like such a thought-provoking movie with a unique, sad yet relatable story. Definitely a tear-jerker ;)

    1. YES! She's from ANTM! She's doing more acting though. She is hilarious in Warm Bodies. And Robbie Amell's character in TTP was a douchenozzle. Like seriously. Sleeping with Cara and then thinking he can be bros with John. Ugh. No.

      I think Chicago P.D. may have already started (maybe not) I need to consult Becca on this, lol. But yes, for Sophia Bush! Brooke Davis is the best. I wasn't a huge fan of her and Julian in OTH, but she's still amazing. And I have seen the trailer for The Theory of Everything (and I made Becca watch it). I think I cried during it. It looks so goooooood. Plus, I am a huge Eddie Redmayne fan.

      Your comments as always are fantastical. Thanks for stopping by, Siiri!

  3. New TV shows is one of the best parts of fall!

  4. Another post about TV, yay! Apart from How To Get Away With Murder, which so far I think is awesome, I've yet to check any of these out. Agreed, Maggie Q is brilliant.