Movie Review: About Time


About Time

So freakin' good! If you're looking for a romantic comedy that's so real and heartfelt, then you need to watch About Time pronto! Oh yeah, and there's some time travel in it. But it makes this movie so much more original and extraordinary.

First, let's begin with Domnhall Gleeson who plays Tim. This is the same redhead who played Bill Weasley in the Harry Potter films. I'm so thrilled to see him in a lead role, and one where he can show off his comedic side. He plays awkward-funny to perfection.

Rachel McAdams plays love interest Mary. She's so much different than her normal characters. Bookish, a little nerdy, and a perfect match for Tim. I LOVED the fact that Rachel McAdams was paired with a normal guy for a change. (But let's be honest, Domnhall is still pretty cute even if he's no Ryan Gosling.)

Battle of the Heroes: Kaidan Rowe vs. Daemon Black


Kaidan Rowe  v.   Daemon Black

Sweet Evil (The Sweet Trilogy, #1)This might be the most epic of all battle of the heroes. I'm pitting two paranormal guys against on another to see which one has the better sex appeal and will ultimately be more compatible...with me. Yes! These battles are so insanely biased that they are almost laughable. But guess what? You have a chance to take the same quiz and vote for your favorite hero at the end. So it's Kaidan Rowe from Wendy Higgins' Sweet Evil trilogy vs. Daemon Black from Jennifer L. Armentrout's Lux series. As a disclaimer: I've read the first two books in the Sweet trilogy but only the first book (Obsidian) in the Lux series. Now...let's begin with some background info of the guys.  

Kaidan Rowe

He's a Nephilim, half angel and half demon, and also the son of the duke of Lust. Yes, you read that correctly. L. U. S. T. Prepare for some sexy times people because Kai will literally have your heart racing and your panties a meltin'. He's a bit of a jerk at first, and also a drummer of a band. Sexy! But he soon warms up to sweet Anna and shows that he's more than just the guy who sleeps with his groupies. 

Daemon Black

Obsidian (Lux, #1)Daemon is an alien. Yep, an alien. But not the green guys you see in cartoons. Nope, he's more along the lines of the WB's hot Roswell type aliens. And oh, he is one giant jerk. The kind of bad boy that makes you want to slap him one minute and then jump his bones the next. Like Kai, there's so much underneath his rough exterior.

Major plus points for having the female love interest (Katy) be a book blogger. She gets marked by Daemon after he saves her, and now evil guys are after her so Daemon has to protect her. Oh man, oh man, there are so many swoony scenes in this book. JLA knows how to write sexy, snarky, and just plain awesome! And most of the epic moments come from Daemon black. His powers: Element manipulation (if I remember correctly), super speed, and panty dropping. 

Waiting on Wednesday: Trust Me, I'm Lying by Mary Elizabeth Summer

The Treatment (The Program, #2)


Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine spotlighting upcoming releases that readers are eagerly anticipating

Trust Me, I'm Lying
by Mary Elizabeth Summer

There's just something about this book that I'm so drawn to. Maybe it's the cover. Or the fact that they're pitching it as a YA Ocean's Eleven. Con artists are the best. I haven't read Heist Society but Trust Me, I'm Lying looks like it could garner the same kind of praise. main character is named Julep! WTF. I don't know why I love that but I do! It's so unique and kooky that I can't help but be drawn to it. The only downside: the release date is October. That's a hella long wait.

Movie Review: Vampire Academy


Vampire Academy

Since we've been off hiatus we've seen a few movies (not Divergent -- that will happen next week ;) ). Oh....Vampire Academy. Where do I even begin? This had the potential to blow me away. BIG TIME. But there were some things that seriously fizzled out or were just plan weird choices by the producers. First let's focus on the good because unlike critics, I don't necessarily think this was a terrible movie. There were just some problems that made it straddle a B- and C+ for me.

The good? The casting, I felt, was pretty spot on. Zoey Deutch kicked ass as Rose Hathaway, and I don't think anyone else could have delivered those kinds of lines with that kind of Rose spunk. She was perfect. [Side Note: Becca and I also got some major Ellen Page vibes from this actress. We loved it!!] Another great casting choice was Lucy Fry as Lissa. The two of them together had a very organic friendship.

Now, the romance. Surprisingly, the standout was Dominic Sherwood as Christian. He played the bad boy to a tee.

Danila Kozlovsky embodied Dimitri, but I wasn't swooning as hard for him as I was in the books. The problem? That hair! Why, oh why, did the producer choose to make his hair long? I think that will be the question of the year...maybe even century (for me, of course, I'm sure all of you have better things to question). There was also another problem with the romances, which I will get to in a second.