5 Reasons Why You Should...Watch the Morganville Vampires Webseries

I swore the next post wouldn't be about a TV show, but whadya know...it's going to be about a TV series. Technically, it's a webseries -- so maybe I can ward off the guilt that way. If you like vampires, great acting, and YA adaptations, this is a must for you.

5 Reasons Why You Should . . .

Watch The Morganville Vampires Webseries

Morganville Vampires is a series by Rachel Caine. It follows 16-year-old Claire who attends college and live in a house with three other older students. And...there are vampires. Only these are the bad kinda vampires and not the ones you have crushes on. Rachel Caine used a kickstarter to launch and produce her series into webisodes that premiered this October. Basically -- she's a badass author.

5. The 1st season is already available on Youtube. I've provided the linkity link here: MORGANVILLE VAMPIRES WEBSERIES. I also made it in all caps in case you missed it. This is important information after all. Right now, you can watch the first six episodes. I believe this is the entire first season. It's a bummer that they run only about 8 minutes each. But...it's worth it!

4. You will like it even if you've never read the books. Admittedly, I have never read any of the Morganville books. But Becca is obsessed. She claims it's her number one favorite vampire series (that's a huge proclamation). And while, I've never read the books, I'm still enjoying the series SO much. It has the fun banter, the cute guys (a must!), and some cool twists. I also love that it doesn't take itself too seriously -- especially since it's a vamp show. 

3. There are ships! I have already called dibs on ships. Even if it's only eye flirting and great banter. The fact that Claire is 16 and all the others in the house are older, makes it really interesting. Claire + Shane = OTP. 

2. The acting is AMAZING. The main four actors need to be booked on the CW or ABC Family STAT. They all have great comedic timing and make what could be a really corny scene -- super awesome. I'm also going to talk a bit about the production value. It's not Hollywood quality, but it's actually really good for being a kickstarter. I expected something much more choppy and unwatchable (like plenty of bad indie films I've seen). But it's all really engaging and enticing. It also has a campy 90s feel that I'm digging. 

1. Michael & Shane are basically a Young Sam & Dean Winchester. Michael and Shane are played by Ben Easter and Jordan Farris. I kid you not, these two guys are basically young Jensen Ackles and young Jared Padelecki. It's...incredible. I want them to go mainstream so badly!!!

P.S. I didn't include any gifs with this one. Because all of the gifs on Tumblr are super amazing and artsy and deserve to be reblogged and liked there. I've included a link to my favs below: 


Have you seen The Morganville Webseries? Have you read the books? Sound off below!!

5 Reasons You Should...Watch The 100

I've been trying to come up with some cool post ideas. And I've decided to focus on "5 Reasons" posts. Just listing out the top 5 reasons you should watch, read, or listen to whatever I've discovered recently. We'll start with a TV show since I haven't begun my binge reading yet (that will happen in a few days). 

P.S. These posts might be infrequent or frequent depending on how busy I am.

5 Reasons Why You Should . . .

Watch The 100 on The CW

The 100 is a sci-fi show on the CW that's like Battlestar Gallactica and Lord of the Flies only its not. Basic Premise: A group of 100 juvenile delinquents get sent to an abandoned Earth to test if it's survivable. Sure it is! If you don't mind crazy radiations that's mutated the animals and "grounders" trying to slaughter everyone. Sounds fucked up? Because it is. Proceed below.

5. The 1st season is on Netflix. Didn't watch season 1? I envy you. Now you can binge-watch the entire thirteen episodes on Netflix. It's seriously awesome. What's even more awesome--the second season is already topping the first. Sure, we're only two episodes into the new season. But it's still kickass. 

reaction animated GIF

4. It's based off a YA book by Kass Morgan.  I am all for supporting YA book adaptations. The better they do on screen, the more likely studios and producers will keep adapting them. KEEP EM COMING!

3. The character arcs are superb. It's not just following a main protagonist. This is really an ensemble show with multiple arcs. The writing is amazing. The acting is great. There's nothing else you can really ask for. Also -- the females are all very well portrayed (most of the time even stronger and smarter than the guys *looks at you Raven*)

2. Bellamy & Octavia. Are you a fan of brother/sister bonds in TV? How about little sister/older brother bonds? How about little sister/super protective older brother bonds? Bam! This has that times ten. It's a really rocky relationship with tons of depth and backstory. I love it to the millionth degree. 

1. The Romances. I'm not going to lie. Not all of them are great *side eyes Clarke and Finn* but for the most part, you will have pairs you root for. And isn't that what great television is about? Being able to love something enough to choose a side. Who do I ship? Octavia & Lincoln (OTP!). Bellamy & Clarke. Finn & Nobody! He should really be with Raven, but that guy is a d-bag to her so he should die alone. Yeah, this show is good enough to provoke the crazy fangirl in me. 

Are you already watching the 100? If not, go watch it NOW! You won't be sorry.