5 Reasons You Should Watch: Love, Rosie

Movie time! It's been a while since I recommended a movie, probably because I haven't had time to watch much. But alas...I have a movie recommendation and it's a good one because it's actually adapted from a book. Holla! Also, I should shout out to Laggies which is another great indie flick with a superb romance. But...it's time for the ultimate recommendation today: Love, Rosie. 

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch

Love, Rosie

Based on the 2004 novel Where Rainbows End by Ceclia Ahern, Love, Rosie tells the story of childhood best friends Rosie and Alex. They literally are soulmates but just can't seem to have the right luck to make it work. It's more of a saga, stretching from their childhood days to college and to adulthood. Think of it like the movie One Day but kinda better.

5. FRIENDS TO LOVERS. Hello my favorite kind of romance ever! I love when the best friends have soulmate connection and Rosie and Alex have just that. 

4. SAM CLAFLIN. He is sexiness all the way. And watching him grow from a teenager (he seriously looked like a teen) to an adult was kind of heart-wrenching. Plus, this...


3. LILY COLLINS. I know there are some intense Lily Collins fans. Honestly, I never understood it. I am here to tell you -- I get it. I finally get it. I LOVE her. She was breath and life in this movie. So fantastic. And her comedic timing is on point.  

2. SOOOO MANY EMOTIONS. I haven't read the book, so it was all really surprsing. Yes, this isn't the most original rom com ever. BUT I can forgive it for the brilliant acting and the believable romance. Because when the main duo have chemistry it beats out 99% of all other rom coms. Which brings me to...

1. THE CHEMISTRY. Was perfect. From the moment Alex and Rosie looked at one another, I believed it. It's hard to think that Lily Collins "supposedly" dated Jamie Campbell Bower in real life and has ZERO chemistry in The City of Bones, but for Love, Rosie she had 100% chemistry with Sam Claflin and as far as I know, they've never been together. I would re-watch this movie just for this pair. It was beautiful and painful and perfect.

If I've convinced you, then watch the trailer below and see for yourself.