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This year will be the year of Captain America: Civil War. I don't think my heart is ready. But in honor of what looks like will be the best Marvel movie, I'm going to rank the ones that have already released. Since Marvel doesn't own rights to all superheroes in their canon (X-Men, Spider-Man), this will be focused on primarily Marvel movies set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Like Avengers, Thor, etc.

Note: there will be typos. My editing brain has shut down. Not all gifs will correspond with their movies because I'm wayyyyy too lazy for that. I'm not the creator of any of the gifs. If I've posted one that's yours and you'd like it to be removed just leave a comment.

Ranking the Worst to the Very Best . . .

Marvel Movies

If you don't know what Marvel is...I'm not sure I can make this into a "short" backstory. But to give a context to how I will be ranking these: it will be extremely biased to my own tastes. I love superheroes. I love superhero movies. I do read comics -- but mostly X-Men. However, the biggest factor in the ranking will probably come down to plot. There will be spoilers if you have not seen the films.

12. The Marvel Movie That Doesn't Fit Into The MCU (THE INCREDIBLE HULK): This is a strong case of "which one is not like the other." One of Marvel's very first movies under Marvel Studios, it definitely shows it. Not only is Edward Norton the Hulk (he doesn't reprise his roles for later films) but the graphics for the Hulk aren't up to par with the Avengers films.
And yes, it's not it's fault. Coming out in 2008, does effect my ranking. 

It suffers from the dreaded origin-story-syndrome (OSS). Where most people go in knowing the origin story of the superhero, so watching it on screen is a slow, agonizing drag. Sometimes OSS can happen when you don't even know the exact origin story, but the plot flows into the formulaic movie mold or an origin story that leaves you scratching your head, wondering if you've watched this movie before. 

Maybe I'm being a little harsh on it. (It does have a 67% on rotten tomatoes -- which is fresh.) And when I try and remember the movie, all I can think is that Edward Norton is not Mark Ruffalo. I prefer Ruffalo's version of the Hulk so much more that it's very hard for me to even recall this one. 

One upside, I did like how they focused on "incidents"with a count-up sort of way. (Which I only just remembered when I found this gif.)

But I do know that I never felt the awe and wonder after watching The Incredible Hulk as I did watching other MCU movies. In fact, I've never even rewatched this one, nor thought about rewatching it. For that alone, I'm ranking it last. 

  • Biggest Change: Nothing against Edward Norton (I love him in other movies) but Mark Ruffalo is just a much better Hulk. And having that change for future MCU movies was the biggest and best decision.

11. The Marvel Movie That's Easily Forgettable  (IRON MAN 2)Confession: I can barely remember this movie. But what I can remember is that I did not like. After a great intro to Iron Man with the first film, the second one felt more like filler than a great standalone story.

Maybe it's because Iron Man had 2 movies before the first Avengers where the other superheroes only had one, but it added things that I never really cared about. War Machine isn't my favorite since he feels more like a clone of Tony Stark (without the personality) and without having his own arc. 

Plus, I did not (at all) like the villain. It seemed like a reboot of the villain from Spider-Man 2. And yes, you all will yell at me saying "it can't be a reboot since this villain exists in the comics" but they could have chosen ANY villain. Why this one? 

  • Biggest Upside: This movie had lots of references to future superheroes in the MCU, and plenty of Easter Eggs to get giddy over. Captain America's shield is the most notable one.

10. The Marvel Movie That Redeemed Iron Man Movies -- Kind Of (IRON MAN 3): While Iron man 3 was definitely a huge step up from Iron Man 2, it still ranks low in the whole canon of MCU movies. I loved plenty of things in this one though. The little kid was a fantastic addition and Pepper was amazing (as always).

I also really appreciate how the affects of what happened in the Avengers carried over to this movie with Tony battling PTSD. It's not often that plotlines and character developments are woven in between films with different leads. 

Again, I wasn't crazy about the villain. The Mandarin just didn't have a great impact, and the whole reveal at the end with him was more of a dud than a bam. I will admit, that end fight--I was nervous.

  • Biggest New Side Character: I love young actors, and most of these superhero movies don't have them, so when the kid was introduced (and stayed for quite some time) I loved it. We were also able to see different sides of Tony we hadn't before.

9.  The Marvel Movie That Makes No Damn Sense (THOR: THE DARK WORLD): I loved Thor, so to say this would be a disappointment would be a massive, oversized understatement. Thor: The Dark World is a hot mess. Legit, what is going on in this movie. 

Portals? Portals? And more portals? It's so confusing guys! By the time the movie makes it to its climax, I was too lost to care. Apathy does not maketh a good movie experience. 

I also love Loki (so much) but he couldn't even redeem this. 

  • Biggest Cameo: Loki dies...but doesn't die because we realize he's impersonating Captain America. Which is one hell of a Chris Evan's cameo as he plays Captain America playing Loki impersonating Cap. It's amazing. 

8. The Marvel Movie That Had So Many Peeves (Avengers: Age of Ultron): The expectations may have been high, but I feel like this movie could have tried to get closer to them. Honestly, there are a lot of things I disliked about Ultron. The only reason it's not any lower is because the dynamics between all characters together (which you only get in an Avengers film) makes it rank higher. 

One of my qualms was how they handled Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. First of all -- huge X-Men fan here -- so even having them in this movie was a delight. But someone explain to me how Quicksilver...QUICKSILVER can't outrun a bullet? How? How? And it's aggravating because I feel like his death was implemented to further Scarlet Witch's plot. It's as if they we're checking off who they could kill and Quicksilver hit the mark because he's an expendable twin and there's already a rendition of him in the X-Men franchise movies.

Secondly, I very much disliked how Black Widow was dealt with in this movie. All of a sudden her arc was reduced down to helping Bruce with his issues and then pining for a family she could never have -- which we had absolutely no lead up with in previous films. It was an abrupt change, and the lesser of many paths that Black Widow could have taken. 
Since when does Hawkeye have a family? When I saw this it didn't irk me as much as it does looking back on it. Because we spent all this time in Age of Ultron giving Hawkeye some background, when I wish we could have pumped up a backstory for his friendship with Black Widow. Again, this seemed so completely out of left field with no hints from earlier films.

And this scene...
...it made no damn sense.

The final fight wasn't as iconic as the New York fight scene, and Ultron was not a better villain than Loki. Ultimately, this suffered from high expectations. There were great moments like the gang letting loose. The movie was fast-paced and where everyone ends up is interesting, setting the stage for Civil War nicely. I loved the addition of Vision (and already ship him with Scarlet Witch because...comics). And that opening scene was one of my favorites along with the hammer jokes running throughout.
  • Biggest Moment That's Actually Really Small: Captain America chopping wood. That is all.

7. The Marvel Movie With The Distracting CGI (CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER): Let's get this over with. The CGI for pre-serum Steve Rogers is distracting. I could not stop staring at small Chris Evans and trying to wrap my head around it. 
Now...this movie is labeled OSS. An origin story that exemplifies absolute boredom. It's too long and too slow for its own good. The relationship between Steve and Bucky is explored nicely, but Steve doesn't have as much of a reaction to Bucky's death as he does in the comics (this obviously comes later in the movies when you realize how much he does care for him.) 

Captain America is a lot to handle in large doses. His self-righteousness and "goody-goody" personality can be grating. Since he's solo in this movie, it's a bit harder to watch.

I loved the World War II era set and the romance was top notch, but it was ultimately the slow and boring plot that dragged this movie down. 

  • Biggest Brutal Ending: Oh God. I get misty-eyed just thinking about it... 

The Movie We All Thought Would Fail (ANT-MAN): When they announced they were making this movie, my first question was why? As soon as I saw it, I understood why. 
Ant-Man is actually pretty good for an origin story movie. It's funny with a great foe, and Paul Rudd kills it as the lead. There's also plenty of great moments for people who love the comics. Becca was going crazy over mention of the Wasp and Hank Pym (and to actually see him connected into this movie). It was pretty great. 

Also, loved Falcon's scenes and the little nod to the upcoming Civil War Movie. 
Why 6? Mostly because there are better Marvel movies. Ant-Man suffers from something that many of the others don't. His superpower isn't all that...exciting. It's just okay. And the origin story was mainly that--an origin story. I'd love it more if Evangeline Lilly's character was a superhero too. Anything to spice this movie up from such a formulaic plot. 
  • Biggest Side Character With All The Humor: Luis is the best comic relief. He literally takes the prize from all MCU movies. 

5. The Marvel Movie That Started It All (IRON MAN)This is the one where we all bowed down to Robert Downey Jr. He literally sparked a fire in the franchise with this film. His take on the narcisstic billionare is brilliant. 
The origin story of Iron Man was always engaging and interesting as we see Tony Stark taken by terrorists. Action-packed, funny, and ultimately satisfying, it's no wonder they made a sequel so soon. However, all Iron Man sequels have paled in comparison to the first. 
  • Biggest OMG: This opening scene. Wow. 

4. The Marvel Movie That Brought Us Groot (GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY): This movie is all kinds of wonderful. Between the group banter, the 80s music, and Chris Pratt there's not much you can fault it for. 
Again, it's one of those movies that would be higher if there weren't better movies in the MCU canon. I loved how people underestimated this one and it completely blew everyone away. 
The villain is awesome, and I can barely even tell it's Lee Pace under all that makeup. But what lowers this one down just a tad is Peter Quill's backstory...and by that, I mean there's none. It's almost an anti-origin story. Giving us everything but his real origin with his parents. There were hints to it, which will ultimately come to a head in the sequel (we hope) but for now that's the one point I will dock from it. 

  • Biggest Smiles: Baby Groot! I LOVE BABY GROOT!!!

3. The Marvel Movie That Was Better Than Its Predecessor (CAPTAIN AMERICA: WINTER SOLDIER): My expectations were so low with this one, I could bare even see them. But alas, Captain America: Winter Soldier fixed all my qualms from the first CA movie. 

The addition of Black Widow as a side-character was the best choice ever. She juxtaposed Cap and where I would get aggravated with his personality in the first film, I barely did in this one. Plus, she kicks major ass. We also get growth of Steve and Natasha's friendship, which is so much fun to watch.

S.H.I.E.L.D as the villain was genius. And the dismantling of it at the end deserves all the applause. There's very little I didn't like. Bucky returning as the villain's pawn was even better because we could see how Steve really did care for his friend. The ultimate bromance. 

Great plot. Great characters. It's one of the few sequels that far outshines the first movie.

  • Biggest Soul-Crusher: Bucky and Captain American fighting each other when you know Cap doesn't want to fight his best friend. *clutches heart*

2. The Marvel Movie With The Best Villain (THOR): Here we meet Thor, but it's really Loki who steals the movie. He's the outcast brother. The one who can never do right in the eyes of his father. It's an amazing first film that Becca and I saw twice in theaters in the space of two days. 
We also get some hilarious moments from Thor as he enters the world for the first time -- which we won't ever be able to get again now that he's (hopefully) acclimated. At least, not to the degree of smashing cups on the ground in diners. 

I'm also in love with Sif. Any time she comes on screen, I get giddy. She's a complete warrior. 

  • Biggest Laugh: The diner scene. Another! Classic.

1. The Marvel Movie With The Best Villain Again (THE AVENGERS): I'm going to keep this short and sweet. It came. It blew up our movie screens. We had all the superheroes there together for the very first time. Loki was terrible -- in the best way possible. 

And the final fight scene was just...epic. 
You can't recreate this kind of magic. They've tried. But hopefully, one day, they find a way to make magic in a different way that proves to be even better. 

  • Biggest Shocker: Tony Stark is the one to sacrifice himself. 

Do you agree? What are your fav seasons? Sound off below! 


  1. I've really enjoyed the Captain America movies so far, they're even my favorite (I don't care if Steve is too goody-two-shoes, his relationship with Bucky is enough to save any faults the movies could have haha). The first Iron Man was epic, you can't convince me that RDJ isn't actually Tony Stark. And I agree, Age of Ultron was really disappointing, and after Quicksilver's death, I was like "Nope. Bad movie, bad !". The first Thor was a nice surprise, I really didn't expect to like it so much.

  2. I also appreciate Mark more as the Hulk. I hope that they redo the movie with him at some point and spice if up a little. I would not mind if they add Black Widow in it ;) I did not like Ant-man.. Paul is a great actor, but the whole concept did not work for me. That one would go lower than Thor: The dark world for me.

    I LOVE LOKI. I want all the Loki <3 And Tony Stark is one of my favorites, I love his sass.

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  4. Quicksilver's death is something discouraging at the end! I could not stand my disappointment so I turned off the movie at all :) Anyway you are right about "best" movie with a villain!
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