So  we've  officially  turned  from  robots  to  fangirls!  Come fangirl  with  us!

Becca and Krista  (twins!)

Hi, I'm Krista! I'm an author and creator of the (now closed) trading site YA Book Exchange. I have a supreme passion for science and a love for books.

My love for books started when I was a kid and fell for Harry Potter and all those late 90s, early 2000s contemporaries. Meg Cabot was my hero. She basically still is :) Now I've moved on from a world of light romances and deep issue books to dystopians and dark, underground futures.

I went to school for biology and left the halls with a Bachelor of Science. My plan was to become a doctor, and I almost did. But my dreams changed somewhere down the line, and now I'm writing full time. Fulfilling my new dream is the best blessing in the world.

Hi, I'm Becca! A little about me -- I am superhero obsessed (I'm still trying to tap into my powers without help from any genies), and I combined my love for invisible heroes (think Peter Parker) with writing at an early age. I earned my degrees in English and Mass Media Arts, and I'm very fortunate to work at the CW Atlanta where I blog about the latest news in CW television shows, gush over Hart of Dixie, stare at Stephen Amell's abs, and profess my undying love for Klaroline. Above all, I'm a TV junkie, and I'm not afraid to say it. Though, television sometimes takes the back-burner for reading. It happens -- especially with the invention of a DVR and Hulu Plus.

Krista prefers not to have a signature, but I'm going to rock the superhero. All my posts will be signed with this caped-man.

Krista & Becca

Together, we're authors of the Addicted series, a New Adult Romance series. It's a love story between a female sex addict and an alcoholic. We're now full time authors, writing as many books together as humanly possible. We love emotional, edgy stories with flawed characters, and we try our best to squeeze some pop culture references into our books (it's just how we roll). And in the meantime, we love to fangirl over our favorite novels, characters, movies, and shows. 

Nawanda Files paved our way into this crazy blogosphere of awesome readers and fantastic authors, and we wouldn't be where we are today (writing -- our dream!) if it wasn't for NF. 

Where  did  the  name  "Nawanda Files"  come  from?

We know what you're asking...why Nawanda Files? Well, if you've ever seen Dead Poets Society you'll know there is a guy in the movie who names himself Nawanda (or Nuwanda but we prefer the other spelling). He's a free spirit, free speaking, young individual who makes us want to paint red lightning bolts on ourselves...no but seriously, if you've never seen the movie it's definitely worth giving it a shot.

Take a look around the blog. We love comments! They are welcome and appreciated!! Thanks for stopping by (and finishing reading this post).

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